Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year = New LOOK

New Year's Day is every one's time of New Beginnings.
But... since it is my Birthday...
it has always carried an extra special dose of New Beginnings for me.

As I was cleaning up the rest of the Christmas mess
and putting up all the "way too many" decorations...
I looked around my house and suddenly HATED everything.
I'm not sure if I was "having a moment",
but all my STUFF looked gross and was working on my last nerve.
SO... I decided to redo everything in my house !!
I started with this wall..
Since it is the one you see when you walk in the door,
and you can see it from both the front room & the living room
it seemed like a good place to begin .
The piano used to be along this wall
(and for some reason I looked at it yesterday and gagged.. haha)
So.. I begged Brad to help me move out the antique piano
and move in the armour .
Both of which are way too heavy not to be called a favor!
After he got them both moved for me...
My brain started into action!!
( I promised him I would do this total house redo for less than $50)
So I had to get creative with my decor. haha
I LOVE letters, and every time I see them in people's houses I smile.
So.. I thought maybe that might be a plan for this wall.
I started gathering up all the letters I had around the house, in closets, the garage,
and even some I had forgotten I had in a box under the bed.
Needless to say I had plenty to do this wall.

After I got all the letters arranged and hung up (and smiled) !!
I realized I hated the armour!
It looked too dark and too sad...
SO... I painted it white.
There is something about white painted furniture that I am always drawn to.
I seems to sooth my spirit and make everything else look colorful.
After I finished painting it I realized I had too much space left.
I needed something to sit there beside it to bring in some more color.
I remembered an old rocking chair that I'd bought at a garage sale years ago.
I brought it downstairs and painted it white too.
The seat was "icky" so I got the rest of the Goodwill dress
that I used for stockings and flowers and had just enough to cover the seat.
After I finished I smiled a big "fresh look" grin !
Brook (who had earlier informed me that my house looked like a 5th grader )
and said I should get a more sophisticated look ... haha
was even happy with this wall.
She said it looked "pretty good"..
Coming from a teenager I took that as a YES !!

I'm headed off now to start on the next room !!
Stay tuned for more makeovers..
May we always remember that "New Beginnings" start one step at a time.


Veronica said...

Happy new year, you're off to a flying start already!

sara's art house said...

LOVE it!!!!!! I want to copy it. The letters are just adorable!!!

lori vliegen said...

you always have the BEST ideas!!! that letter wall is genius.....don't be surprised if you start seeing letter walls all over blogland!! LOL!! hugs, :))

deb did it said...

YOU ARE SUCH A BLAST....come re-do my B&B?????????????