Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TuTu Tremendous

Ok... This is just a tiny preview of the fun to come, but I couldn't resist sharing one.
Man what a doll...
Stay tuned Thursday for more Tutu Tremendousness.
Some day in the near future I'm gonna wear a Tutu everyday with my cowboy boots, big giant jewelry, and drive my polka dot 1959 Turquoise car...
Well at least a girl can dream!!!
May we never be too old to want a new Tutu...

Monday, June 29, 2009

An Old Friend

Never in all my life did I think I would be taking this picture.
I hadn't seen Jammie in literally 25 years.
At my High School Reunion a few weeks ago we sat and talked for over an hour.
I told him I was a photographer and he said he hadn't had any family pictures
made in many ,many years.....
Then - - - -
WHAM.... Out of the blue
he called and said he and all 3 of his kids were going to be up this way if I had any time..

As luck would have it.....

My Friday cancelled and moved to Tuesday so it worked out perfectly.. It was the best fun to see him again and to meet his kids.. This is the very last picture we took and for sure one of my favorites.. His little girl was just the best.. Now that is a good time I never expected to have.. Thank you guys for driving all this way to let me share in your family pictures.

May we always remember that even 25 years isn't too long to reclaim an old friend.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My PITY Party

For years and years when I am having a gloomy day
or my own personal pity party
I've said
"Maybe tomorrow I'll just wake up as Farrah Fawcett."
Then it dawned on me that she doesn't get to wake up ever again....
soooooooooo in the midst of my YUCK day it sobered up my party right quick.

I have felt sorry for her family for 2 days.. Not to take away anything from Michael Jackson's family ( I know that they are full of grief as well), however..... her death has seemed to be so almost forgotten. It was totally engulfed in his shadow.. I remember so well the day of my brother's funeral as we were leaving the service I could hear children somewhere in the distance screaming and laughing. My first thought was "How dare them..." then, I realized that they didn't even know my brother.. To them life was just moving on as usual.. The sting of that moment has popped up in my mind many times over the last 5 years. Each time I pass a cemetery and see a funeral taking place - I know to them if feels as if today has stopped time. It is almost unfair that the rest of the world can't see their hurt as they go on with the nerve to giggle. But.. That's the way life happens and I'm sure for good reason..

So...while I wanted to throw a fit, cry, or go buy something fun and expensive

I pulled up my (already too high waisted) shorts....

got over my pity party and moved on with my day.

May we all be reminded that everyday is full of some one's pain, and learn to be more thankful. Even for the days that make you want to go to bed at 3 in the afternoon just so you can start over fresh in the morning.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting for a SLOW down

So sorry to all my wonderful BLOg friends that I have been so
YUCK at updating these last few weeks.
My computer issues have put a knot in my tail,
and left me not even wanting to fight it...
However... it is so true
( I can't remember where I read this)
I need my computer
because all my friends live in there...
Brad has taken 2 weeks off so we could finally start on our River Weekend Home.
We've had the land for almost 2 years and not done a thing with it until now..
I will have wonderful pictures coming soon of our temporary travel trailer,
we're staying in it while we build our cabin....
I'll give you a hint....
Brad's friend bought it for $ 500.
Then he gave it to us
because he didn't want to haul it to the dump ground.
I'll leave you with that thought in your mind...
But... It is so wonderful I can hardly stand it...
May we all have something free that turns out to be fabulous!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Computer CRAZY & Busy WEEK

If ever there were a time when I understood the term
"Drive YOU Nuts".... it's now!!
My computer issues have not ended yet,
and I can't find the time to leave it to be fixed for 3 days.
So.. I am posting this at the speed of death.
Here are the first of my pillow projects.
I must say I was even kinda proud of myself.
AND as always....
after you do something new
you find an appreciation
for those who do it on a regular basis.
There are tricks and machinery I feel certain that would have made it easier. haha
None the less....
I made pillows and really had a good time.
I used all kinds of fabric
and made my flowers using bits and pieces of material
that matched my living room curtains...
Even MY MOM... who does know how to sew was impressed.

Here is the one "like my grany" that I made using our new family picture.


Here's what it looks like on my bed with my new fun summer colors...
Just give a southern gal
some color and a few polka dots and she goes CRAZY...

Recently a friend and I went on a treasure hunt for someone elses old treasures. ha

I found my NEW favorite thing.

Of course I am going to put some polka dots on his butt....
But I just couldn't leave the little fellow there.
He was begging to come live in
"The land of La La"
where he could feel like he belongs.
Here are April and I with our next treasure
(fake) designer sunglasses... hee hee
Since Brady steps on mine
or I sit on them on a regular basis
I felt a real pair of designer glasses would be a tad silly.

OK... I have got to say that this is the greatest saying ever ever ever invented on EARTH..


II've been in the jewelry making mood since I got my new wonderful necklace from Stormy.

I made this one, and YES...

I have a new appreciation for this too... I am old and so are my eyes. And my fingers are fat and the beads are tiny with small wires.. That does not make for a lovely combination. ha

So... I went back to a project where my fat fingers didn't matter.

I painted polka dots on my clock... Now that is much easier.

AND.... I painted polka dots on my new fish friend..

Brady and I named her Lola...

He has to kiss her with his lips all poked out like a fish every morning. She's become an unexpected pet at our house.. But she is a fun addition I must say. And here is my new family picture. I ordered a 20x30 stand-out and I love seeing it every time I pass. There is just nothing like the people you love to put a smile on your face.

I made another pillow to go in this front room too. And of course it has polka dots...

They just make me SMILE every single time..

My final project was making dominos..

I saw one someplace and have wanted it ever since. Brad was doing a construction project and I was grabbing all the drop off wood. However I think the big piece I took before it was truly a left over.. haha It looks better on my mantle anyway.

Then... My my final shoot of the past week.

Brad and I went to the State Track Meet. His roommate from college's son was in 3 events. I got a press pass and got to go right down on the field and get a shot of Weston as he crossed the finish line "The State Champion of Texas" in the hurdles. Now that is a wonderful way to end your week. I'm heading out of town again tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday.. Thank you to all my BLOg friends for being patient with my computer crisis..

May we all have an issue that makes us grow patience.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I really am going to post something new..
I'm having to do this one from my laptop which has no pictures on it..
My computer is still a total mess..
I have tried everything..
I ran the registry cleaner..
Around 50 - 100 problems is normal I was told.....
Mine had......... 1442..
Now that, my friends, is a problem..
I was so excited though because I thought it would be fixed and fabulous again..
Not so much..
Still a mess.. I ran a defrag thing...
That too took forever because there were so many problems...
YET... continues to be so slow that you forget the joy of computers. I could truly draw my post faster than it will work on that darn computer..
So... bare with me.... It is going to the dr. tomorrow...
And hopefully will be good as new soon.