Monday, September 29, 2008

Blessed and Thankful

Wow... Today has been a week exactly since my surgery. I can finally sit up long enough to lean over my laptop and check all my email and get back to my blog. Thank you so much to everyone who sent well wishes, calls, food, and cards. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and fabulous family. It is honestly when you see how precious those people you love are when you are down. I can't say enough about how amazing my sweet mother and "my dream man" have been to me. You know you are just never too old to need your momma. Poor Brad didn't always know what to do when it came to all these girl parts and hurting. ( I actually think that's good) But I can't count the times that my sweet momma rubbed my back and held my hair back to wipe my head with a wet rag. She has taken care of Little Brady, sewed up cheerleading uniforms, changed diapers, washed clothes, and even offered to walk the dog. And all with a smile and the kindest, gentle hands. Now, I'm not sure, but I just don't think money has a price for something like that. And I can't say enough for "my dream man". For those of you who know him, you know what I mean when I say that you just can't get much more of a manly man than Brad. He's kinda on the rough side with a dry sometimes harsh sense of humor. But WOW... He was the best bearded angel I have ever seen. He held my hand, got up in the night countless times to give me medicine and a cup of ice water ( of which I always only drank a few sips). He's been to the store, carted cheerleaders all over school, cooked every single meal and served me mine on a plate, and is without a doubt the greatest daddy any little boy could ever ask for. I've always said that sometimes in the midst of something not so great you find something amazing. I have had such joy watching my guys play with each other. How I love that Man... And my sweet Brent has called me from college and written and texted me a many many times checking on his momma. And boy, I can't forget about sweet Brook... She has been my little "other mother". So good and kind. When you've been loved by Brooklyn you've been loved..
Thanks again to all my family and to my wonderful friends. My cup runeth over.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Precious Baby Almost Here

Excitement is contagious. I've heard that phrase many times, but experienced it first hand this week. I did a precious maternity shoot with a fun fun couple, and watched the joy just dancing in the room. It is their first baby, and you could see the eager excitement in their eyes. She is a dancer and in wonderful shape to be a few weeks from delivery. It left my job so much fun, and so easy to do. What a beautiful person I got to meet. How amazing it is to see the thrill of new life. May that sweet baby always know the happiness his parents felt waiting on him to join them.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Old Memories

Well, I now know why I am not a doctor. I am so very thankful that I did not have surgery today. I have felt unbelievabley horrible yesterday and today. Can't image adding a whole bunch of other YUCK onto how I already feel. haha So, I will now forever leave that job to those who are trained for it, and go back to what I am trained for. I have been trying to copy all of my old files to an external hard-drive and move all important information over to my new computer. While doing that today I found one of the very first digital SENIOR shoots I ever did. WOW it's still one of my favorite shots. She was such a beautiful girl inside and out. Just a pleasure to shoot her and be a part of this image. After all these years it's still one of those images that gives me a little tingle. I even added it to my new Senior Gallery. After all, who wouldn't want to be fabulous in a field of Sunflowers. You can see the rest of the Something Senior Gallery on my Website under the "Check Out This" section at . Thanks to all my great Seniors. They are the funnest to shoot because it's one of the few moments in life where you can embrace being young, cool, hot, and amazing. WOW if we could all feel that way.......... life would be so much more fun.


Monday, September 15, 2008

We Can All Pretend

Headed to bed tonight a little bummed out. I went to the dr. today for all the pre-op blood work, and they called tonight and said they can't do my surgery because my white blood cell count is too high. I thought it was just a little cold but guess it doesn't much matter what I think since my only medical training is cleaning up after and rocking sick kids. haha

I was so pumped up to have all my unused parts out and my old parts back where they belong.. Anyway, I'm going to bed with a tummy full of antibiotics and a memory of one of my favorite places in all the world................THE BEACH IN MEXICO... Gonna close my eyes and pretend. Who knows, I could wake up all well with sand between my toes.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holding on to Time

As I was rocking little Brady to sleep tonight reading his stories and letting him climb all over me like a human jungle gym I suddenly realized that I only have 2 days left to hold him. My surgery... the "Happy Hysterectomy" is scheduled for Wednesday. They tell me that I won't be able to pick up over 20 pounds for 4 to 6 weeks. I'm not sure how well that will work, but I suppose they say it for a reason. However, since MY Main Man already weighs 25 lbs. that is going to make life around here somewhat difficult. No words can describe how that little guy has changed my life. The thought of not squeezing him and swinging him around while we dance to the oldies or going for our morning walks is more than I can think about right now. I am just focusing on the fact that in a few weeks I may not have to stop and grab the closest non-moving object when I sneeze to keep from wetting my pants or having all my parts fall in the floor. haha Who knows I may even be jumping on the trampoline in the near future. Well, before I go totally overboard with my dreams.... I would like to say thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes, and offers to help and all the pre-prayers. Your kindness is a tickle in my heart.

Thanks again,


Here are a few more shots from a recent baby shoot. How unbelievably precious this little family was. Should remind us all to hold on to the things that really matter with both hands, because sometimes while we're busy they slip away.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Brook had her cheer buddies spend the night last night, and of course I had to take pictures. In between the drama and ever swinging moods we got some fun pictures. You can see them all on my website under the slide show "Watch This" section. What more could a girl ask for out of a Friday night.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Gota Love Butts

Some butts just need to show. I was getting stuff ready at the studio today for a shoot tomorrow and of course "my main man" had to climb over and check it all out. I decided it was as good a time as any to do his 9 month pictures.. Oh my goodness we laughed so hard. Brook and I both agreed that Brady has got to be the only person in the whole world whose butt looks cute with dimples. What a precious angel that child has been. Sometimes right in the middle of your regular old life a little suprise comes along that changes you forever. Thank you Lord for picking me to be this amazing little boy's momma..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Young & Beautiful

As I watched Little Brooky (not so little) getting ready for the football game tonight I noticed how truly beautiful she has become right under my nose. I'm not really sure when the transformation from little girl to "hot babe" happened...... but I can assure you that it did. I still remember the silly girl who had not a stitch of hair until she was 2, and that -may I say -was not much either. We'd work all day to make an inch long pony tail. She had big ole chubby cheeks and a poochy belly and could roll her eyes with her hands on her hip at a drop of a hat. Never have I known before or since a more funny little child. So many times she could have me cracking up while I was trying so hard to get on to her. She'd sing and dance for anyone who would ask and was going to grow up and be Mary Kate and Ashley. Wow how time flies.. We took her pictures a few weeks ago just because we felt like having fun. She stood in the middle of down town with people stopping to see what movie star she might be. haha There were whistles and honks and she never batted an eye. She has always been a girl to chase her dreams and a fun time with both hands. Such a joy that crazy girl has been. She has the strength and confidence as a teenager that it took my 30 years to find. May good bless her and give her wings to fly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something Old makes Something NEW

It has begun. I've been looking at my house (which I do love) lately and feeling the need for a little change. I've gone for the past 4 years now with very calm colors and a tone on tone place in my life. I guess I needed a rest period. But now

SHA-ZAM I'm back...
I'm ready to bring a little spice back into the colors of my life. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I decided I'd start one room at a time so as not to send my husband totally over the edge. I had the general color scheme and idea of what I wanted in my head, now I just had to find the stuff and get busy.

I started shopping around and

OH MY GOODNESS... what I wanted was everywhere. It was like the decorating fairies were watching me from above throwing all the perfect stuff in my path. I had to get it. I've been to junk stores, garage sales, thrift stores, fabric stores, department stores, and antique salvage yards. Grabbed a little here and a little there and I am so excited to see how it is all going to turn out.

I started out with a chest of drawers that I have had for a long time. It was a junk store find several years ago. It was your basic brown ole wood. For sure... nothing fun to look at. Since it was no great family heirloom or anything - I decided to start the color magic with it.. I let my head loose, and I think it turned out pretty darn cute. 16 dollars worth of new knobs from Home Depot and the old girl was ready for action. Even Brad thought she looked cute. Added in a new garage sale chair in great condition, my all time favorite painting, a WOW new lamp from Hobby Lobby, and this room is fun and done. I woke up in the middle of the night to go make Brady a bottle and stumbled through the door and forgot how fun my new room was. Even made me grin at 4 in the morning. NOW that's what I call fabulous..

Next .. Was to remake one of my other favorite things.

(my leopard chase lounge ) that ,by the way,

no one sits on but the dog. But, it's so cute.. ha I found the perfect black and white pillow at ROSS and a green one somewhere and sewed a big ole button on it. The lamp shade is my favorite new thing. It's the most fabulous pattern of black and white. And it was only 4 dollars at the thrift store. (it's a little girl's skirt) already hemmed and everything plus lined. What more could a girl ask for. Threw in my colored texture balls and I smile every time I walk past.

This old boot is one of the most special things I have. It belonged to my granny. I remember it always being in her house and that we were never allowed to touch it. Have no clue as to how it has made it all these years without getting broken. Maybe it has a little guardian angel watching over it. Have no idea how old it really is, but 50 years at least. Found these wonderful photo albums to set beside it, and makes that ole boot feel young again.
And I must say.. TODAY so do I.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stop and See

Thursdays are usually my do nothing but hang out with my family days. I try really hard not to get to working on the computer because time always gets away from me there. SO, I started out my morning with my usual walk in the park with Brady. Today though I took my little point and shoot digital camera. ( For me that's a stretch because I can't adjust any settings ) , however, I've noticed that I miss taking just plain ole snap shots because it's too much trouble to load up all my camera gear. And today I vowed to just shoot the darn picture... As we were walking I made myself just stop thinking for awhile. It's amazing what your senses can pick up when you close down your non stop mind for a bit. WOW..... what great things are out there on my everyday path. We laughed at the fat ducks with the ugly red heads and watched two squirrels chasing each other up a tree. Saw dogs from every possible breed and size walking with owners of also every possible size. haha How we enjoyed the morning walking without brains. Then, we hopped in the truck with Brad to go feed horses. What an adventure Little Brady had there. The delight in his eyes just made Thursday worth being a part of. Just look at what all we saw. How fabulous to notice the little things and see what life is like when you stop thinking, worrying, planning, and just BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure

WOW... What a wonderful fall (even though it's still summer) day. The cold front came in and it feels incredible outside today. I've been cleaning house all morning with the windows up and the back screen open. Couldn't ask for much more out of a Wednesday. It reminds me so much of all the times that my friends and I would get up on Saturday mornings to go JUNKING. It was cool outside and our hearts were set on the dig. I realize that does not sound even the least bit appealing to some people; but mercy I can't think of anything much I'd like to do more. Give me a good garage sale, a flea market, or a junk store any day. I'd take it over a mall in a minute. We used to laugh so hard at all the crazy things we'd see while looking for our big find. I guess maybe that's why men love to hunt. It's the thrill of the chase. It's that secret thought that surely someone must have accidentally placed this wonderful treasure in the get rid of pile.
Because most certainly if they'd have known how fabulous it was they couldn't have dare parted with it... haha I love more than most things I can describe to create something amazing out of something that might not look so good. It's all in the presentation I say. You put it with another couple of great things and WHAM it's devine. Well, today is not Saturday, and I've moved over 200 miles from my wonderful Junkyard friends: but the feel of this fallish morning and the sweet memories were pretty darn close. May we all look around our busy lives today and find something to be made fabulous that was almost thrown away. My granny always said beauty is all around you if only you stop to see.