Thursday, September 18, 2008

Precious Baby Almost Here

Excitement is contagious. I've heard that phrase many times, but experienced it first hand this week. I did a precious maternity shoot with a fun fun couple, and watched the joy just dancing in the room. It is their first baby, and you could see the eager excitement in their eyes. She is a dancer and in wonderful shape to be a few weeks from delivery. It left my job so much fun, and so easy to do. What a beautiful person I got to meet. How amazing it is to see the thrill of new life. May that sweet baby always know the happiness his parents felt waiting on him to join them.


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Sherry said...

Staci, This images is fabulous. Peaceful, beautiful, tastful and I love it. This momma should be thrilled to have this radiant image to remind her of her time waiting.... I just love it. Sepia? give me the scoop... Smiles from Miles... Sher