Friday, February 27, 2009

The EYES have So MUCH to Say

click on the picture to see the whole slideshow
I promise you will SMILE..
There are just not enough happy people in the world,
and when you find some...
you just want to hold on like glue..
There is something about a smile
that shows the truth of your heart....
it's catching to all who witness it.
I've shot jillions of pictures in my life,
and I always say you can tell so much
by looking at people's hands and eyes.
Those 2 things never lie..
You can fake a smile, and act fairly happy most anytime,
but hands that really hold,
and eyes that really sparkle....
NOW that is rare...
What a joy to see, and to shoot.
May your lives always be filled
with the happiness
you showed me that day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love is in the AIR

Watching LOVE is the funnest part of my job.
Whether it be in the form of parents and their children,
or two people who are about to get married....
it is a JOY to see.
Just being around it fills you with a floating feeling of awe.....
It makes your heart beat faster,
your face curl with a smile,
and above all
it makes LIFE worth living.
This is just a tiny sample of the wonderful fun I had
shooting LOVE on a Sunday afternoon.
Stay tuned for the slideshow
of the rest of their images
coming in two days...
It can't help but bring a tickle to your soul...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Floral Frenzee

Since I've been home from San Antonio I've been in the mood to change some things in my house. I've had painting fever for a while now. But, we know we are going to sell this house in 2 years after Brook graduates and move to the country. We bought 2 1/2 acres right on the river front in Brock and are planning to build there.
AND......... I watch enough decorating shows to know that if you sell you have to cater to the neutral buyer.
YUCK on that. haha
So, I try to do the best I can with the accessories, and small things to paint that can easily be repainted, rather than parts of our ceilings that are almost 20ft. tall. Once painting those things was enough. Anyway.... I am changing color schemes without changing the walls. And right in the middle of my excitement we all started getting sick around here. So, I don't have any pictures yet, but they will be coming soon.
I can tell you that my new favorite color is turquoise, and my inspirations have come from Kim Parker.
Her florals are the fun and color I've been looking for.
I've painted everything I could find floral. haha

Stay tuned for pictures.

May we all find something that inspires us to smile.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On the ROAD again

We just got home Sunday from our weekend of Cheerleading competitions.
I haven't even unpacked yet,
and I am leaving again in the morning to go
watch Brent play baseball.
He is playing a double-header in Abilene, and
I just hated to miss a game that was less than 3 hrs away. ha
For me lately that is a short drive.
We didn't win the "big one" this year, but we had a fun time.
Our hotel (The Drury Plaza) was beautiful, and right on the Riverwalk,
so of course, there were lots of wonderful things to see.
The pool and hot tub were on the 22nd floor roof-top.
Now I'm sorry.... but no matter who you are-
that just feels like pure luxury.
The view was incredible.
The girls had just as much fun in the hotel
as they did when they were little.
I'm not sure what it is
about being in a hotel room
that is so much fun to kids.
But, every kid I've ever known thinks it is great fun
to go up and down the elevators.
I've got to admit, there is something
about knowing you don't have to make your bed, or
wash all those towels that is a tad on the fun side even for grown-ups.

May life's fun never end... No matter where you find it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Glamour is Exhausting.........

Ok.. I have to tell you that I just finished a shoot
with one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen.
What a doll.
Those little shoes were, without a doubt,
the most precious things I have ever seen.
They are made by a company called heelarious.
And their website is full of
polka dots so you know I loved it.
I have never seen
such a thing in my life,
but they were so cute I almost
wanted to order Brady some
just so I could have them. haha
His daddy might die.
They are made for babies
who are not walking (of COURSE).
The heels are made of foam so they bend and are really like little ballet slippers. SOooooooooooooo Darling. I must say..
Anyway... She was a little angel, and I loved every second of taking these images.
Some days you just gotta love your job..
click on the link below to see the rest of her darling little pictures

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just can't get ENOUGH

Yesterday we took Little Brady to the petting zoo
at the Ft. Worth Stock Show.
I must say we were the
oldest parents there,
but I can also say we had the most fun.
Thank you God for bringing this little guy into our lives.
He has melted our hearts and changed us all FOREVER.
Click this link to watch the slideshow of our day

Fabulous Furniture

For everyone who wrote and called me about the furniture site......
hee hee I found it...
Can't believe it myself.
Now I've got to figure out a way to try and do it. ha
So for everyone who wanted it,
You gotta love it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Creative ExploSION

WELL.... I'm home from my adventures with my "big" son.
Something about that child just makes me want to be 2 of me.
One who actually gets to be Brent's mom, and one you gets to watch.
You just gotta love a feeling like that.
Anyway.... I woke up this morning
with a CREATIVE Explosion in my brain.
I'm wanting to do a Zillion things. Here's my new "Brady" gate up the stairs
that I "FUNNED-UP" with a little color. ha
I got the idea from one of the millions of fabulous people in blog land.
I just started drawing, and adding a few little things here and there,
and of course some polka dots.

I'm in the mood to paint the house, make some polka dotted pillows, paint a new floral something to go over my fireplace, get funner curtains in the living room, paint my kitchen table, recover some furniture in wonderful colored fabrics.
My friend showed me the greatest website with WOWWWWWWW furniture.
I'm looking for it.. I trashed the email after I read it, and thought I saved the site, but of course can't find it.
ANYWAY..... I want to do fabulous crazy stuff today........
Color my hair, wear cowboy boots with a Tutu, wear giant gaudy jewelry,
and brand new panties.. hee hee....
I know it's Monday!!!!!!!!!! But it's one of those Marvelous Mondays for me. Yippie..
I read today (in Open Your Mind, Open Your Life)
it's one of the megazillion books about positiveness that I love to read.....
Let go of anger -
it is an acid that burns
away the delicate layers
of your happiness........
unknown Ancient eastern thought

So... let go and have a wonderful day....