Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On the ROAD again

We just got home Sunday from our weekend of Cheerleading competitions.
I haven't even unpacked yet,
and I am leaving again in the morning to go
watch Brent play baseball.
He is playing a double-header in Abilene, and
I just hated to miss a game that was less than 3 hrs away. ha
For me lately that is a short drive.
We didn't win the "big one" this year, but we had a fun time.
Our hotel (The Drury Plaza) was beautiful, and right on the Riverwalk,
so of course, there were lots of wonderful things to see.
The pool and hot tub were on the 22nd floor roof-top.
Now I'm sorry.... but no matter who you are-
that just feels like pure luxury.
The view was incredible.
The girls had just as much fun in the hotel
as they did when they were little.
I'm not sure what it is
about being in a hotel room
that is so much fun to kids.
But, every kid I've ever known thinks it is great fun
to go up and down the elevators.
I've got to admit, there is something
about knowing you don't have to make your bed, or
wash all those towels that is a tad on the fun side even for grown-ups.

May life's fun never end... No matter where you find it.


julie king said...

sounds like a very fun time, staci! hold onto this time with your daughter as the years just fly by so fast. take care!

darla said...

this is what i love about the competition experience...the hotel elevators with all their cheer friends!! :D not necessarily the championships. can you imagine all the great memories these girls are gonna have one day? fun stuff.

Alberta and Ava said...

My, you are a busy and a phenomenal woman! I have a little something something for you on my blog and you don't even have to pass it on! Happy V Day,]