Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Glamour is Exhausting.........

Ok.. I have to tell you that I just finished a shoot
with one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen.
What a doll.
Those little shoes were, without a doubt,
the most precious things I have ever seen.
They are made by a company called heelarious.
And their website is full of
polka dots so you know I loved it.
I have never seen
such a thing in my life,
but they were so cute I almost
wanted to order Brady some
just so I could have them. haha
His daddy might die.
They are made for babies
who are not walking (of COURSE).
The heels are made of foam so they bend and are really like little ballet slippers. SOooooooooooooo Darling. I must say..
Anyway... She was a little angel, and I loved every second of taking these images.
Some days you just gotta love your job..
click on the link below to see the rest of her darling little pictures


darla said...

i saw these on CNN headline news one morning, but have never seen any babies wearing them in real life! how precious she is!

LauraLoo said...

SO PRECIOUS! I'm going to recommend that website to every mommy I know with a baby girl! Thanks for sharing that sweet moment with your precious client!

Also, thanks for the Mr.Cupid memory, I think I love Valentine's day because my mom always made sweet treats & cards for my siblings & I to! Yes, it is true we remember silly things like Mr.Cupid for always & always! May Mr. Cupid continue to bring your family love dust to last you all a lifetime of memories & love! Blessings!