Friday, February 27, 2009

The EYES have So MUCH to Say

click on the picture to see the whole slideshow
I promise you will SMILE..
There are just not enough happy people in the world,
and when you find some...
you just want to hold on like glue..
There is something about a smile
that shows the truth of your heart....
it's catching to all who witness it.
I've shot jillions of pictures in my life,
and I always say you can tell so much
by looking at people's hands and eyes.
Those 2 things never lie..
You can fake a smile, and act fairly happy most anytime,
but hands that really hold,
and eyes that really sparkle....
NOW that is rare...
What a joy to see, and to shoot.
May your lives always be filled
with the happiness
you showed me that day.

1 comment:

Pherenike said...

Watched the slide show... Great work! I like. :)