Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brady is 15 Months

Little Brady turned 15 months old yesterday.
WOW how fast time has gone.
He is already turning into a little person with
such an incredible personality.
He is without a doubt the most life-changing thing
that has ever happened to me.
It is like experiencing
JOY through binoculars.
space here
Of course we think he is smart...
but he really is so amazing.
It could be that he is surrounded by
nothing but people over the age of 15
all the times..
He is talking so much already.
I read somewhere that babies
at the age of 2
should be able to say around 30-50 words.
WELL.. we made a list
of all the things my main man is saying,
it's official- he should be 2. haha
He says (and knows what he is saying)
1. Moma
2. Daddy
3. Boop (Brook)
4. Bubba (Brent)
5. NayNay (Brenae)
6. Nick
7. Pop (all grandpa's)
8. Bob Bob (SpongeBob)
9. Nemo
10. Elmo
11. Rek (Shrek)
12. animals
13. book
14. hot
15. bad bad (he says that to
everything that hurts him if he falls)
16. dirt
17. ball
18. apple
19. butt (Brook taught him that one)
20. boots
21. brush
22. bubbles
23. boble (bottle) Yes he still gets one
24. eyes
25. bye bye
26. night night
27. bug
28. fish
29. duck
30. moo (cow)
31. baaaaa (sheep)
32. monk (monkey)
33. puppy
34. mice
35. mew (meow/cats)
36. see (horsey)
37. ops (open it)
38. moon
39. baby
40. birda ( bird)
41. bas (bath)

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Darla said...

i love baby talk and the way they pronounce everything! there's nothing cuter than a baby saying something a little wrong. i laughed that Brook taught him 'butt'- typical teenager! hehe. and i love this picture of him, his expression is priceless!