Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby at 40

Brady is wonderful, precious, amazing, fabulous and has changed my life forever.
He is the most unexpected JOY I have ever received...
Having a baby at 40 does things to your body that are not so special. ha
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As I get ready to go to the doctor today for more tests...
I decided to make a list. haha
1. When your 63 yr. old father asks
"does pregnancy also effect your butt" that can not be good.
2. If you cough, sneeze, jump, laugh, blow your nose too hard, or yell at a ball game and have to cross your legs or wear 3 pairs of panties because you wet your pants you might be headed for bladder repair.
3. You still wear the maternity panties cause you like the way they feel.
4. You look down at your stomach and it reminds you of a box of dried raisins.
5. You go for months without wearing a ponytail because you've lost so much hair that you have to wrap the thing around at least 6 twists to get a pony and then it still falls out then you're in trouble.
6. You are thrilled that baby doll tops are back in style cause your "jelly roll/wad of skin" looks HOT in those.
7. You can't decide between low rider jeans that feel good "down under", or Mom jeans that hold it all in look better.
8. If in every picture people ask if you were tired you wonder if you should check into Botox.
9. You sleep in, and wear all the next day the same warm-ups. AND if you're going to the store you put on a necklace to "dress it up"
10. Going without a bra is NOT sexy.
11. You say "She's too old to be wearing that" cause you secretly wonder HOW do they do that!!!!!
12. You wonder How can I lose the hair on my head and it grow like a science experiment in all these other places?
13. Your glad your 42 and get to say "I'm 40... who am I trying to impress anyway!"


Darla said...

that's right! i have recently began appreciating being nearly 40 and not having to worry about what people think about the way i look. it's true FREEDOM! i think that's when we become REAL women, when we accept ourselves, flaws and all! i'd rather have my wisdom than a great body anyway, so who really wants to be 20 again?

Darla said...

oh, i forgot to ask you what kind of tests you are having? hope everything is ok.

Sher said...

I am old as shit, you look way better than me, stop whinning, you are always going to be a hot mom regardless if you wet your pants...

Jenny Wilson said...

I can only hope that I look as good as you at 40! And after 3 kids? You look amazing!
Now go have a piece of chocolate and you will feel much better ;)

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, how funny! Girl you are a hoot! I always love visiting your blog, love love love your photos.