Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day at the OSCARS

Hee Hee....
I feel like I've won an OSCAR....
But darn it- I didn't get to dress up or walk the
red carpet in a knock em' over dress
and fabulous hair...
Other than that it feels the same.

I finally had an extra minute to get upstairs to check my computer.
AND look what I got... YIPPIE..
I know it's crazy... but I feel like I'm falling behind on my friendships
if I don't keep up with my BLOG buddies on a daily basis.
I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who calls them friends,
and I'm sure you have people who also remind
you that you don't really see these people. haha
It is kinda silly, but that's what makes it so fun..
It's the thrill of meeting someone who you might never have know before, sometimes halfway around the world.. Now what could be more fun.. The ironic part is I have also gotten to know people who lived in my old tiny home town that I only knew enough to wave at. I never really knew anything else about them. And here through this fabulous world of computers I have grown to find them just down right amazingly fun...
So to every single BLOG I read and look at for inspiration I thank you for taking the time to make a friend with a little short gal who thinks this whole thing is just grand.ce here

I am supposed to list 5 addictions and pass this on to 5 people.

1. Of course the first one to mind
is taking pictures of Little Brady.
I'm not sure if I'm just old and I think he is so fun to watch, or if
he is just that funny of a little boy.
This was his first attempt to go down the slide head first. haha
(not on purpose)
2. The idea of a fairy tale LOVE story.
I am a forever hopeless, ooey gooey romantic.
I think being in love and having someone who makes
you a better person is one of the greatest gifts you
can ever give YOURSELF and someone else.
3. Dancing with the STARS...
I am crazy nuts over that show.
I'm sorry but I just squeeze my cheeks together
and dance in my chair at home.
Man I'd give anything nearly to be on that show.
I'm waiting for them to start
Dancing with the Normal People...
I'll be all over that one.
4. Sunshine!!!!
I love the way it makes you feel sitting, lying, breathing, thinking, walking, or doing absolutely nothing in the sun. It warms up my heart and percolates my mind and soul.
I know it's also causing wrinkles, but poo on that.
5. Reading Self/help
positive inspiring STUFF.
I know that has got to move me to the top of the dork line..
But I am a firm believer in what you put in changes what comes out.
I can tell you from my experience at the bottom -
that your thoughts control your outcome.
So... I giggle, dance, and sing. Read, smile and believe in fairy tales more than anyone I know...

So, as Brady drives me on into tomorrow...
I wish for you all:
to find the things in life that bring you joy..
HOLD on to them as tight as you can.
Giggle, wiggle and smile more than you did yesterday..
Look in the mirror and believe in Fairy Tales.


Darla said...

i'm a self help book junkie too. it's like all i read and you'd think i'd be all fixed by now, but no! i'm still a mess, ha. imagine where i'd be without those books! HOWEVER, that little boy of yours brings me JOY when i see him lovin life so much. you're blessed!

Jenny Wilson said...

I love Dancing with the Stars too! I like to dream that I could have one of those dancers bodies ;)
I love to read your blog Staci, reminds me to stop and enjoy the simple things. Thank you!