Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Curtains

My wonderfully talented sewing mother came down this weekend for her birthday party.
We had the best time. But I selfishly put her to work..
My curtains in the living-room needed a revamp of color scheme.
Space here
So I showed her all the fabulous fabrics
that she was sure
could never possibly go together,
and she measured (twice and cut once)
and whipped them out for me.
I love LOVE love them...
I found the most perfect piece of vintage turquoise floral fabric at a flea market for 25 cents.
It was an old table cloth, and was a wonderful texture and weight.
Space here
Added some of my other favorite stuff... AND wham...
New curtains..
I will take a picture of the finished product this week to post.
I am trying my best to get mother to join me in a custom curtain/pillow making business.
Of course she would get the YUCK end of that deal since I just want to have the ideas, and she do the sewing... haha
Mix up something that doesn't go together, and just see how fabulous it turns out to be.


Darla said...

sounds like a great idea...and i'm loving those colors! what a great mom you have to come and help you.

Anonymous said...

What fun we had and I even liked all those colors together. Thanks again for a great weekend and a wonderful birthday...and even more thanks for not showing my face with no makeup on your blog. Ha.
Love you,