Friday, March 20, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Little Brady is obsessed with animals...
so we decided to take him to the ZOO.
Brook (who no matter how old she gets)
still loves animals too , even went with us.ceere
I've got to say...
there just isn't anything much cuter than watching the two of them together.
He absolutely adores her.
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He watches every single move she makes with a smile.
And I must admit.....
The adoration is mutual.
I never dreamed the two of them would end up falling so hard for one another.
They are precious together..
It makes being a mom feel like

Brad and I both were truly amazed at how much Brady enjoyed the animals. He was saying all of their names and making the noises they make. You could almost see the wheels in his little brain spinning with wonder..
What a treat...
I guess that just proves.............
You're never too old
or too young
for the ZOO.


julie king said...

this post has me smiling and singing simon and garfunkle's "it's all happening at the zoo!!" delightful photos!

Anonymous said...

Haha what cute pic. those jeans on brady and that little hat make him look like a little grown up haha he's to cute!!

Darla said...

love it! i left you a little something on my blog...:D