Sunday, March 15, 2009


When I was a little girl
I was lucky enough to have some wonderful friends.
And now I have found them again.
Space here
How amazing and wonderful the Internet and computer age are to those who use it for good.
My class is getting ready for our 25 year class reunion this summer.
AND after all these years I have gotten back in touch with my dear friends from school.
Shame on me
for waiting all this time to find them, and get in touch.
It's not like our class was so huge that it was tough to do.
After all we only had 27 people in it. haha
Wonderful Jennifer, who was always so organized,
rounded us both up and arranged a meeting.
Bless her heart for taking the time to do it..
I am always one of those people who loves to DO IT, and means to get around to doing precious things like calling old friends, but DARN IT.... I just don't.
I have always said on my tomb stone I wanted it engraved with
She meant well............
We met today in Arlington and sat at a table for 4 hours talking, laughing, and eating chips and hot sauce... LOVED it.....
And would you believe it after nearly 25 years we all live in the DFW area...
Now how amazing is that...
I am so mad at myself today though for not taking a new picture..
Shame on me again.........
See... I meant well. I even took my camera..
AND somehow I always get so wrapped up in the moment, that I forget what I set out to do...
Besides the missing picture...
It was a Super Sunday...
Don't wait 25 years to get back in touch..
You miss out on one of life's greatest treasures...... friendship.


Courtney said...

How great it is to have great friends! LOVED these pictures. :) I also liked all the SUPER cute pictures of your house! It makes me want to work in our apartment!

Darla said...

how cool to have spent the day with them! i do the same thing all the time, i get wrapped up in the moment and don't get a picture! you still look like you did in high school girl! i don't want to hear you saying anything about being 40 something when you havent aged at all! how dare you, lol.

Sher said...

Staci, you look exactly the same. I want to do DFW this summer.

LauraLoo said...

Oh my goodness you are so creative...I just saw the pictures of your casa! NICE!!! And man oh man thank GOD for girlfriends...they keep us sane!!! So glad you found your friends! AND hey you can now use the "I need to take pictures of us" as the new excuse for the next girl night! :)