Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthday Thanksgiving

What a fun, wonderful day we've all had today... I am so very thankful indeed that
all of our parents are able to come to our house on Thanksgiving.
It's not everyday that your divorced parents come to all the events & somehow
remain a family unit. For that I am, & have always been....
truly grateful.
My children have always gotten to have ALL of their grandparents
at their important events and holidays celebrating TOGETHER.
Brad's family was all here too, and we had a wonderful
house full of people we love.
I know some people dread big family events. But... for us it was such fun.
Today was my Daddy's birthday too. He was 64 years old.
So he and Little Brady got to eat cake together.
We had a joint birthday song and candle blow out.
The real party started. Little Brady has never gotten to play in something
quite like chocolate cake before. Especially without someone taking it away,
or cleaning up his face.

We all sat and watched him. Wondering ourselves
what could be going through the little guy's mind.
We laughed and nearly cried with giggles as he
began to dig in. Not knowing if he was going to throw it or step in it was
half the fun.
There are certainly a few things that become funner with age, & letting your child
play in their first birthday cake is one of them.
I wasn't (at the time) one bit worried about the clean up.
I just watched in awe as he discovered the thrill of Chocolate.

After a great deal of digging, smearing, and
watching me to see if I was watching
what he was really doing.....
Brady found his desire to eat that darn cake.
What a joy to see. We nearly fell over laughing as he crammed
cake in his mouth. He seemed to know he'd better hurry
this adventure up before someone discovered how messed up and fun this
little "thing " he was doing really was.

Thank you Lord for this day.

May we all be filled with JOY & CHOCOLATE.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Granbury Getaway

Brad and I had our first "getaway" weekend since before Little Brady was born.
Neither of us realized how much time had gone by since it had just been the 2 of us.
We stayed at the new Hotel right on the water in Granbury.
Our room faced the lake; and we got to fall asleep with a gorgeous view,
and woke up to it again the next morning. If anyone is looking for a fun weekend
getaway I'd sure recommend the new Hilton on the Lake.

Granbury is a fun little town to play around in for the weekend.
All the shops were buzzing with Christmas shoppers. I love this time of year. The
chill in the air and Christmas music even makes the grumpiest of old farts smile.
Of course I walked around shopping with the best of them.
And... of course taking pictures like a tourist.
I seem to always find some shot I think I can't live without.

I have a fascination with old buildings.
I love the windows, doors, and walls the most.
Little strange I'm sure,
but they seem to hold the entire character of the building
in just those few little places.

Sweet Brad walked into every single shop with me and never griped once.
He did ask someone if they knew the score of the Cowboy game,
but I overlooked that.
He even pretended to like the vintage clothing store.
I had the best time looking at all the old hats. I have always told my mother
that I was born in the wrong generation. I would have loved to have been
Scarlet O'hara and had a bonnet to wear with all my big poofy dresses.
A few feathers, some bling, and I'd be set.
Instead I just looked and pretended. It was almost as fun.
Then, we stopped to eat an old Malt Shope. Now that was something to see.
I can tell you that Elvis is still alive
and he is hanging out right there in Granbury.
The place was straight out of the movies. All the way down to the shinny red
bar stools, the juke box and the greasy burgers and shakes.
I couldn't help but giggle inside the whole time.
It's just the silly little things that seem to make the best memories.

I had the best time. We both missed Brady,
but realized the best present we could
ever give that sweet boy was for him to know
that Momma and Daddy love each other.
At 41 years old I am still crazy in love with that man.
He makes my heart bubble when I see him.
And to hear his voice still gives me a chill. I have never really known exactly what
it is about that guy............. but it's something that 20 years couldn't take away.
He brings a shine to my life that no one else ever has. A spark that never seems to fade.
Of course some days he drives me nuts, but those are the days I give him a break
because I'm hoping he'll give me one on the days I drive him nuts too.
It took me a long time to learn that marriage is not supposed to every day
be like the movies. But, when you have a weekend that is......
Now that is worth holding on to.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

I know I'm partial to babies lately. Here are a few precious samples of a shoot I had this week. What an angel she was. Dressed like a little doll. I remember the wonderful excitement of that first born child. The pride in a parent's eyes is just priceless.
Since Brady has come into my life I have found
such wonderful joy in watching children.
I guess I was too busy the first time around in my parenting
to notice all the wonderful faces and silly noises that little kids make.
I think I missed some of the best parts waiting for the BIG moments to happen.
In the end it's actually not those moments that you remember most at all..... it's the journey that got you there that makes the biggest impression. For those of you out there who know me, you know that I have made it a very important commitment to cherish and hold on to the "little things" from now on. Because NOW is really all we've got. I have looked Little Brady in the eyes and promised that I would play in the floor more, laugh more, color more,
hang more pictures on the refrigerator, and stop what I was doing to
"Watch Me Momma." For those are the most dear memories my big kids have to this day. They are always telling me "Mom, remember when......" It's sad to say, but sometimes I don't. So, to everyone out there who has children of any age. It's never too late to start.
I've even found a new place in my heart for teenage drama, driving and dirty clothes in the floor. Because... now that Brent's off at college, I'd love some of that again. Brook doesn't know just how lucky she got on that. ha Enjoy the little moments. They go fast, and you never know what kind of memories you are making.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Weekend

So sorry to all my BLOG friends.
I've been doing a terrible job keeping up these past few weeks.
I've been so busy chasing myself coming and going.
Brady's 1st birthday is December 6th and I've been
working on his playroom (under the stairs.)

My neighbor asked if I was trying to turn him into Harry Potter.
I've never read that book, but I'm assuming he must be under the stairs as well.
I was going to just paint a horse and a little barnyard fence on one wall;
but of course no artsy fartsy person can stop with only one thing.
So I decided to paint a whole barnyard full of little cartoon animals.
I'm not finished of course because I keep adding to it, but here are the side walls.

It' very hard to take a picture of a room (well if you call under the stairs a room)
that is as narrow as this one and get the full affect.
He has been in his little room almost non stop since the paint dried.
My neighbor fixed him up with a plug-in to hook up the tv.,
and he can watch Elmo all day long.
He even got Brent to get in his room and play this weekend.

Though no one dares to stand up in there,
he thinks we all like it just as much as him.
Now we got him a little chair for his birthday
(early present I couldn't wait)
and he really thinks he has the greatest room in the world.

We've all laughed at him getting up from his naps and
walking straight to his room.
A box full of toys and Elmo..... What more could a little guy want.
In between all the painting, napping, eating and fun.
Brook had to stop and have a cheerleading competition.
I think she was more excited her brother
was going to watch her than actually doing the routine itself.

I guess turn about is fair play.
She has sat through so soooo many of his ball games in her life.

They won their division, and Brent was there.
So, she too had a wonderful weekend.

Now it's life back to regular. Except I'm starting on the Christmas
decorations. This year is going to be a little tricky. Finding a place up high
enough to put it all will be fun. Brady is for sure going to try to grab
it all and pull it down to put in his mouth. haha
But, without all of that what fun would life be anyway.
It's the little moments that count the most.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Young and Beautiful

Yes, sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
That statement is very true; and all the more true the older I get.
I hope all those friends and family beholding...........
can some days look past the ponytail that's been in my hair for 2 days, the warm-ups I've slept in and then worn all day because I wasn't going anywhere, or the face that looks a little tired and has a ring of mascara pressed under my eyelashes. ha ha
Those are the days where you hope you've really acted lovely
to those you love because you are wishing they'd give you the benefit
of the doubt on what you could do if you tried.
I remember my sweet granny telling me that it took her a lot longer to do what she used to could do in a few minutes and it just never turned out quite right. I always wondered what she was talking about, but now I KNOW.... She always said to paint your face and you'd feel so much better. It's funny, but I now know what that means too. Some times when I've been in that 2 day old ponytail I pass a mirror and almost jump.
Kinda feels like someone stole me and gave me this gal instead.
Anyway........... I do realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I also realize it is sometimes just darn beautiful no matter what...
So, instead of feeling old and gravity blessed tonight, I'm gonna just be proud that my fabulous job lets me get to be a part of the days when girls can just wear or do anything
and look darn HOT....


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Someone to show us The Way

I've been thinking about my brother a lot today for some reason. I go through phases where I miss him much more than others. Today was one of those days where things just weren't going quiet right, and I guess I was needing to hear his goofy giggle to make me forget. I still pick up the phone to call him some days before I remember there is no one to answer on the other end. I'd give a million bucks to hear that crazy laugh again. I remember when he died I would call his phone just to hear his voicemail. In some broken-hearted way it made me think he was still here. I miss him often, and think of him almost every day. I wish I would have hugged him more. I wish I would have cherished his ridiculous stories more. I wish I could remember how he smelled. Time has taken that from me. I wish he would walk in this weekend and stick his finger in my ear. I wish I could hear him imitate the Crocodile Hunter one more time. I wish I would have written down more memories about our childhood. He was my best friend when we were little. I loved him always. I'm sure we fought, but I really can't remember any. I just remember protecting him, and covering for him when he'd get into trouble. I remember telling Mom not to get on to him because he was little and didn't know any better. He used that excuse until he was 30. I'd love to eat another one of his fried turkeys and hear him say how fruits and vegetables were really the cause of health problems. I wish I could just look in his eyes and laugh again like I did only with him. Brothers are like that secret treasure you find under the bed that you forgot was there. They wait for you to need them, and then POOF there they are. He would have done anything in the world for me. He was always my best cheerleader and my world's biggest fan. He believed in me like no one else I've ever known. I was his big sister and I did everything wonderful. I hope he looks down sometimes and knows how much I miss him. He left me too early and some things will just never be the same without him. So... to everyone out there who has a brother........ call them today and tell them that you love them, listen to their voice, memorize their laugh, and cherish the phone that answers on the other end.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Thrill of VICTORY

So sorry I've been out of the BLOG world for a few days. Almost a week to be exact. I went to see Brent play his last college baseball game of the Fall Season. He hit a home run just for his momma. Of course I can't help but jump up and scream. I don't think he'll ever get too old for that. Seeing him happy just tickles my soul. Watching someone round third with all the rest of the team standing next to home plate with their hands out to congratulate you is just something you have to experience for yourself. It seems that for one shinning moment the world itself stops to watch YOU while you glow... Of course the Fall Season doesn't really count for anything important, but it was a thrill none the less. I must say I have been blessed many times to be the mother of the boy who was the hero of the game. It is just a feeling I can not describe to see the explosion of happiness after winning a game that meant the world to a group of boys who were not only team-mates but buddies.... The greatest of all experiences came this summer as the Snyder Tiger baseball team won the TEXAS CLASS 3A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP..... WOW I still have to pinch myself to realize it was us. I've watched the DVD of the game and don't know how I sat through it. When your child is the pitcher of an 8 inning game, time just moves slower than your heart can take. I remember hearing myself breath during the last few innings of the game. I wondered how in the world Brent could look so calm while the fate of the team rested on the ball that was coming out of his hands, toward a batter whose greatest joy would have been to hit it right over his head. After the game was over I asked him if he was nervous... he said "No, I knew we were gonna win." He said they had all dreamed of this for so many years that they knew this was the day. No words I've ever heard can express the amount of pride in my soul for those boys as the last out was made leaving us the Champions of TEXAS... To every single person on that team... Thanks for a memory that will never fade. Watching your child live out their dream is all any mother can ask for.