Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Granbury Getaway

Brad and I had our first "getaway" weekend since before Little Brady was born.
Neither of us realized how much time had gone by since it had just been the 2 of us.
We stayed at the new Hotel right on the water in Granbury.
Our room faced the lake; and we got to fall asleep with a gorgeous view,
and woke up to it again the next morning. If anyone is looking for a fun weekend
getaway I'd sure recommend the new Hilton on the Lake.

Granbury is a fun little town to play around in for the weekend.
All the shops were buzzing with Christmas shoppers. I love this time of year. The
chill in the air and Christmas music even makes the grumpiest of old farts smile.
Of course I walked around shopping with the best of them.
And... of course taking pictures like a tourist.
I seem to always find some shot I think I can't live without.

I have a fascination with old buildings.
I love the windows, doors, and walls the most.
Little strange I'm sure,
but they seem to hold the entire character of the building
in just those few little places.

Sweet Brad walked into every single shop with me and never griped once.
He did ask someone if they knew the score of the Cowboy game,
but I overlooked that.
He even pretended to like the vintage clothing store.
I had the best time looking at all the old hats. I have always told my mother
that I was born in the wrong generation. I would have loved to have been
Scarlet O'hara and had a bonnet to wear with all my big poofy dresses.
A few feathers, some bling, and I'd be set.
Instead I just looked and pretended. It was almost as fun.
Then, we stopped to eat an old Malt Shope. Now that was something to see.
I can tell you that Elvis is still alive
and he is hanging out right there in Granbury.
The place was straight out of the movies. All the way down to the shinny red
bar stools, the juke box and the greasy burgers and shakes.
I couldn't help but giggle inside the whole time.
It's just the silly little things that seem to make the best memories.

I had the best time. We both missed Brady,
but realized the best present we could
ever give that sweet boy was for him to know
that Momma and Daddy love each other.
At 41 years old I am still crazy in love with that man.
He makes my heart bubble when I see him.
And to hear his voice still gives me a chill. I have never really known exactly what
it is about that guy............. but it's something that 20 years couldn't take away.
He brings a shine to my life that no one else ever has. A spark that never seems to fade.
Of course some days he drives me nuts, but those are the days I give him a break
because I'm hoping he'll give me one on the days I drive him nuts too.
It took me a long time to learn that marriage is not supposed to every day
be like the movies. But, when you have a weekend that is......
Now that is worth holding on to.


Sherry said...

Well my dear... You have found magic in Grandbury and in the eyes of sweet Brad. I am glad that the pictures were on the outside of the Hilton and not the inside :)

Anonymous said...

You would hate wearing a corset and picking cotton would ruin your hands so you better be happy right where you are.Ha I'm so glad you and Brad had a good time. I know PaPop and I did keeping little Brady. What a special little guy. Love you,

Staci Danford said...

Thanks Mom... We couldn't have gone without you. How wonderful it is for Brady to have grandparents who love him so much.

deb did it said...

what a beautiful tribute to your lover/husband/partner. Isn't mature love the BEST ever? I am also finally learning the true meaning of love, commitment and happiness. Blessings to you and Brad.