Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Weekend

So sorry to all my BLOG friends.
I've been doing a terrible job keeping up these past few weeks.
I've been so busy chasing myself coming and going.
Brady's 1st birthday is December 6th and I've been
working on his playroom (under the stairs.)

My neighbor asked if I was trying to turn him into Harry Potter.
I've never read that book, but I'm assuming he must be under the stairs as well.
I was going to just paint a horse and a little barnyard fence on one wall;
but of course no artsy fartsy person can stop with only one thing.
So I decided to paint a whole barnyard full of little cartoon animals.
I'm not finished of course because I keep adding to it, but here are the side walls.

It' very hard to take a picture of a room (well if you call under the stairs a room)
that is as narrow as this one and get the full affect.
He has been in his little room almost non stop since the paint dried.
My neighbor fixed him up with a plug-in to hook up the tv.,
and he can watch Elmo all day long.
He even got Brent to get in his room and play this weekend.

Though no one dares to stand up in there,
he thinks we all like it just as much as him.
Now we got him a little chair for his birthday
(early present I couldn't wait)
and he really thinks he has the greatest room in the world.

We've all laughed at him getting up from his naps and
walking straight to his room.
A box full of toys and Elmo..... What more could a little guy want.
In between all the painting, napping, eating and fun.
Brook had to stop and have a cheerleading competition.
I think she was more excited her brother
was going to watch her than actually doing the routine itself.

I guess turn about is fair play.
She has sat through so soooo many of his ball games in her life.

They won their division, and Brent was there.
So, she too had a wonderful weekend.

Now it's life back to regular. Except I'm starting on the Christmas
decorations. This year is going to be a little tricky. Finding a place up high
enough to put it all will be fun. Brady is for sure going to try to grab
it all and pull it down to put in his mouth. haha
But, without all of that what fun would life be anyway.
It's the little moments that count the most.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that is the cutest room I have ever seen!! Please tell me that you did not free hand that, which I do not doubt it for a second..... love ya kim

Staci Danford said...

Well you know I did. haha Who elses head could be so crazy. Only me wanted dancing animals on the wall. Brady has a little book called Barnyard Dance. I got most of the ideas from there. It's hard not to be happy in that room. ha

Jenny Wilson said...

I love that room! You did a fabulous job Staci!

Sherry said...

OK really Free hand? You are amazing... Maybe you missed your calling to paint under stairways. Precious. Your children are all beautiful... Isn't life grand!