Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Thrill of VICTORY

So sorry I've been out of the BLOG world for a few days. Almost a week to be exact. I went to see Brent play his last college baseball game of the Fall Season. He hit a home run just for his momma. Of course I can't help but jump up and scream. I don't think he'll ever get too old for that. Seeing him happy just tickles my soul. Watching someone round third with all the rest of the team standing next to home plate with their hands out to congratulate you is just something you have to experience for yourself. It seems that for one shinning moment the world itself stops to watch YOU while you glow... Of course the Fall Season doesn't really count for anything important, but it was a thrill none the less. I must say I have been blessed many times to be the mother of the boy who was the hero of the game. It is just a feeling I can not describe to see the explosion of happiness after winning a game that meant the world to a group of boys who were not only team-mates but buddies.... The greatest of all experiences came this summer as the Snyder Tiger baseball team won the TEXAS CLASS 3A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP..... WOW I still have to pinch myself to realize it was us. I've watched the DVD of the game and don't know how I sat through it. When your child is the pitcher of an 8 inning game, time just moves slower than your heart can take. I remember hearing myself breath during the last few innings of the game. I wondered how in the world Brent could look so calm while the fate of the team rested on the ball that was coming out of his hands, toward a batter whose greatest joy would have been to hit it right over his head. After the game was over I asked him if he was nervous... he said "No, I knew we were gonna win." He said they had all dreamed of this for so many years that they knew this was the day. No words I've ever heard can express the amount of pride in my soul for those boys as the last out was made leaving us the Champions of TEXAS... To every single person on that team... Thanks for a memory that will never fade. Watching your child live out their dream is all any mother can ask for.


Jenny Wilson said...

I cannot imagine as a parent the pride you must feel for Brent and the rest of the team! What an accomplishment! We are all very proud of them!

Sherry said...

I love this poster. Don't we just love to win! I think you are a winner to Satci!