Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthday Thanksgiving

What a fun, wonderful day we've all had today... I am so very thankful indeed that
all of our parents are able to come to our house on Thanksgiving.
It's not everyday that your divorced parents come to all the events & somehow
remain a family unit. For that I am, & have always been....
truly grateful.
My children have always gotten to have ALL of their grandparents
at their important events and holidays celebrating TOGETHER.
Brad's family was all here too, and we had a wonderful
house full of people we love.
I know some people dread big family events. But... for us it was such fun.
Today was my Daddy's birthday too. He was 64 years old.
So he and Little Brady got to eat cake together.
We had a joint birthday song and candle blow out.
The real party started. Little Brady has never gotten to play in something
quite like chocolate cake before. Especially without someone taking it away,
or cleaning up his face.

We all sat and watched him. Wondering ourselves
what could be going through the little guy's mind.
We laughed and nearly cried with giggles as he
began to dig in. Not knowing if he was going to throw it or step in it was
half the fun.
There are certainly a few things that become funner with age, & letting your child
play in their first birthday cake is one of them.
I wasn't (at the time) one bit worried about the clean up.
I just watched in awe as he discovered the thrill of Chocolate.

After a great deal of digging, smearing, and
watching me to see if I was watching
what he was really doing.....
Brady found his desire to eat that darn cake.
What a joy to see. We nearly fell over laughing as he crammed
cake in his mouth. He seemed to know he'd better hurry
this adventure up before someone discovered how messed up and fun this
little "thing " he was doing really was.

Thank you Lord for this day.

May we all be filled with JOY & CHOCOLATE.


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Sherry said...

What a wonderful way to spend the Holidays. Family, Birthdays, your Daddy, baby and chocolate. FUN FUN FUN... Love the polka dot background. Might copy.