Friday, January 30, 2009

Everyone Needs a HERO

It's been 2 weeks since I've seen Brent, and I can't take it any more.
SOoooooooooooooooo, when Brook gets out of school, she, Brady and I are headed Westward. Not sure what it is about Brent, but in some magical way he is a hero to us all.
Of course to Brook he is her BIG BROTHER.
One she has always looked up to and one who she knows would protect his Little SIS..
Then, there's Brady.... Who honestly isn't quite sure who Brent is.
He's this big guy we call BUBBA and one mom loves all over.
But for some reason unknown to the rest of us.....
When Brent walks in the door Brady just beams with JOY.
He knows this "big guy" is someone we all love.
Then, there's me. Well, I could go on for days
about how I feel about him,
but to put it in nut shell....
Brent was the first person who ever truly made me feel LOVE.
From the moment he came into this world he has changed it forever.
He gives me motivation, inspiration, and determination to be the best I can be.
He is my precious son, my dear friend,
and a Hero to us all.

Have a FABULOUS Friday.... It's the only one you get until next week.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok... I must say I stumbled upon this picture.. Guess that's why I LOVE it so much.
Something about posing people just makes my spine tingle. ha
Now those little guys were so cute I could hardly shoot for smiling.
I didn't dare talk to them though because I was afraid to miss the moment.
I was actually there for a party, but these little fellows and their hairy friend
were just more fun than I could resist.
So thankful I was there (with my camera) and caught this moment before it was gone.
Yippie for perfect timing.

New MOM blog

I just started a new Mom blog.
I've learned so many wonderful things from people
who have crossed my life along the way.........
AND from the zillions of books I've read in the last 4 years.
Things I wished I would have known sooner along my journey.
So I thought I'd share a few of them with anyone out there
who wants to be a Mother your children will never forget.
May GOD bless you on one of the most important jobs you'll ever do.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold and Cranky

What a NOT so fun and fabulous day..
I've worked so hard to find the joy in life,
and today I think I lost it under the bed with all those missing socks.
Maybe it's the gloomy weather, or maybe it's my dirty hair or the warm-ups I've slept in and now worn all day... (Please tell me someone else out there does that)
But........ whatever it is- I've just had myself a little pouty party today.
One filled with coffee and Nila waffers.
I've missed my friends today. I miss being able to call up my pals and giggle about all of our latest decorating adventures. I miss the morning coffee with my favorite Nazi (she's not really... we just call her that), dumpster diving around town, Saturday morning garage sales, and the never ending coats of paint on all of our walls 'cause we've found the perfect color.
I do believe, and have the greatest of faith that God is preparing me a perfect passel of decorating divas out there. And I know sometimes in life there are seasons of waiting.
Waiting for God's timing .... Not Ours..
Boy that's the tough part. So..... while I'm waiting
I decided to get some work done today, and remind myself
of one of my very favorite scriptures of all time...........
TRUST in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on YOUR OWN understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge him, and HE will direct your path.
So, while I'm trusting and waiting and drinking too much coffee and eating too many Nila waffers here's a precious little girls first birthday party album I just finished.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Something to CHEER about

Brook had a cheerleading competition this weekend....
And you won't believe it, but I was running so late that I forgot my camera.
Then, I remembered that I had never posted anything from the last competition, and since most all of them are about the same.... I'd just show you some of them instead.
(if I hadn't blown my own cover you'd have never known)

Brady was quite engrossed in the music and the mattes the girls got to get on.
After trying to keep him off of them for 3 hours I gave up.
(No one was on it at the time) ha

I thought maybe he'd think it wasn't so fun after all, but judging by the look on his face... It was all he thought it would be.. It's those simple joys. ha ha

Both of her brothers were there to CHEER her on.
You can tell by the look on her face that it made a difference.
It's amazing what you can do when someone you love is watching.

HOLD on to the memories...
Make the most of each moment, and
if you cherish them, they will last a lifetime for everyone involved.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nothing Like LOVE

I've said many times to my friends and family that
"life sometimes deals you a hand that you weren't
expecting, and you've just gotta figure out a way to play"...
But.......Boy I had no idea how all of our lives would change when Little Brady came into our world.
I told Brook and Brent over the holidays that they have taught me so much about how to be a better mother to Brady. Their experiences, giggles, tears, upset moments, and all the happiness along the way have been a lesson. There is just nothing in all the world that can take the place of being a mother.
It's the hardest and best thing I've ever done.
But, I also tell them that Brady has made me a better mother to them. He has reminded me of the "little joys" that we sometimes take for granted. But most importantly he shows me daily that life passes by too quickly.
The things that seem like such a big deal at the time-
you will look back on and wish for a tiny part of them again.
I'd love a bunch of loud boys who eat all my food and throw their sweaty gym bags down in my entry way. I'd love a silly slumber party where we get all the hair products we own
out and do make-overs.
The mess and magic of those moments
I now look back on in a much different way.....
So, Brook's clean laundry I just folded piled in her floor right along with the dirty, and the oh so scary driving lessons we've been doing.....
I remind myself I will someday miss.
The 10 loads of laundry coming home from college, and the grades that weren't the greatest somehow took on a whole new meaning. Because in the end it's a child knowing they are loved (even when they aren't always loveable) that makes all the difference.

Friday, January 23, 2009

J is for JOY

I was given the task today in "the land of blog "by a sweet, inspiring blog friend at
to take a letter and find 10 things that you love
that start with the letter you were given.

Well, I was given a J...

JOY in the hearts and eyes of our children
JESUS who saved me 35 years ago, but changed me forever in 2006
JUNE & JULY weather...sunshine fills my soul
JANUARY I was the first baby born in 1967.
Look at my beautiful mother.

JABBERING ( words are ever flowing from deep inside my heart )
JACKETS with money you left in the pockets from last year
JEWELRY... big, gaudy, and fabulous
JOURNALS.. I've filled hundreds in my life. I still write every day.
It's so incredibly amazing to go back and look at the thoughts from your
heart years later. It truly shows you that Tomorrow is another day,
and This too shall pass.
JUMPING and bouncing to music that takes over your feet
JOGGING with my dog who could care less what my hair is
doing, what clothes I'm wearing, or how slow we go. He just
loves being with me.. Now that is LOVE

What a fun "blog" game. I had to really think to get the J's in,
but such a continuation of my new outlook on life.
2009 is Family First....
I'm giving this whole year an attitude of gratitude.
I can tell you already it will change your life.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Horse full of Happy

What a wonderful, beautiful, summer-like day in January it has been.
I couldn't be more thankful to live in Texas than I was today....
You just gotta love an 84 degree winter day.
Or at least I do.
Makes my whole body and mind warm and full
when I see the sun shining outside.
Someday I'd love a house with all glass on both the East and West
sides so I could have the sun shining in all day long.
Something about the sun just fills my soul.
I love to ride with the windows down and feel the heat from the road.
We (mostly Brad) drive out to Brock to feed the horses
extra feed (besides their hay)
every Tuesday and Thursday.
Today, Brad's dad met us out there.
He was riding each horse and talking to them like they were people.
What a joy to see someone so full of passion for something.
It shows all over their face.
Papa (Brad's dad) will be 70 years old in April and climbs on those horses like a kid.
You can just see his spirit lift as he becomes ageless in that saddle.
It is true that joy is contagious.
I watched it first hand today as Little Brady
climbed right up in the saddle with his Papa to ride.
He didn't exactly know what was going to happen....
But he knew to TRUST. Trust the joy in the face of Papa.
Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of their lives today.
Sometimes it's the big events that get all the attention, but really it's the little ones that make life worth watching.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I turned 42 years old on January 1st.
And I can say without reservation that this year's party was the most fun,
total best, biggest smiles I've ever had...
I've always kinda had issues with my birthday being so close to Christmas,
and people always giving me stuff wrapped in Christmas paper,
or being broke and forgetting it all together.
Not that I was ever counting on huge things...
but it always kinda took the special out of my birthday...
This year Brent came down and stayed a week with me. He, Brad,
Brenae (Brad's daughter) Brook, and Little Brady took me out for my birthday.
ALL the kids bought me gifts with their own money..
What a precious, wonderful treat and sign of unselfishness that was.
I was just all bubbles inside.
We went to Olive Garden (my favorite place).
Brad snuck a cake in to the waiter
while I was changing Brady's diaper.
When we were all finished eating .... out came the singers with MY cake.
Now that is just down right wonderfully romantic and fun..
Even at 42 birthdays are just as much fun
as ever if you're surrounded with the people you love most in the world.
I've always heard that whatever you're doing on your birthday you'll do all year long.......
IF that's the case then I'm set..
I spent it feeling on top of the world..
I read today in a new motivational book I'm reading that
"Everything you want to become on the outside,
you must first become on the inside"
(author unknown mom)
Well ........ I felt lucky...
Because my insides feel full of peace, gratitude, and bubbling over love..
What a start to "MY year of the Fairytale Family"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I know it has been forever since I've written... WOW..... almost a month in fact. Didn't realize quite that much time had gone by.. I've just been going non-stop since the holidays and haven't made time to walk upstairs to get on my computer. I took the entire month of December off to spend with my family. It is usually one of the busiest months for photographers. But... after the whole Lance accident I just felt like my work needed to take a backseat. And, after a month and some serious considerations I have decided to keep that same mind set and take it with me into 2009. I told all of my family that I was dedicating this whole year to them. I am going to work less, play more, and enjoy the moments we have together. Lance's accident has taught our whole family a very important lesson......... LIFE can change in an instant... Remember what's important and all the rest can wait. So, for 2009 I will have much less work to blog about, and a whole lot more family stories, pictures, and words of 42 year old wisdom.

By the way.... for all of you out there who had Lance in your prayer and wondered what has been going on with him.... I can tell you that I just took them BOTH back to college last weekend. The doctors are all amazed at how far he has come. He was released from his therapy after passing all the tests for brain functions. God was watching over him and healing things the "powers that be" said would never be the same. Every day he is getting better and better. We laughed all through supper that Brent was supposed to be the one who was watching out for him this semester helping him to be responsible to take all of his medicines. haha Some things never change because when I left Lance was reminding Brent to study.