Friday, January 23, 2009

J is for JOY

I was given the task today in "the land of blog "by a sweet, inspiring blog friend at
to take a letter and find 10 things that you love
that start with the letter you were given.

Well, I was given a J...

JOY in the hearts and eyes of our children
JESUS who saved me 35 years ago, but changed me forever in 2006
JUNE & JULY weather...sunshine fills my soul
JANUARY I was the first baby born in 1967.
Look at my beautiful mother.

JABBERING ( words are ever flowing from deep inside my heart )
JACKETS with money you left in the pockets from last year
JEWELRY... big, gaudy, and fabulous
JOURNALS.. I've filled hundreds in my life. I still write every day.
It's so incredibly amazing to go back and look at the thoughts from your
heart years later. It truly shows you that Tomorrow is another day,
and This too shall pass.
JUMPING and bouncing to music that takes over your feet
JOGGING with my dog who could care less what my hair is
doing, what clothes I'm wearing, or how slow we go. He just
loves being with me.. Now that is LOVE

What a fun "blog" game. I had to really think to get the J's in,
but such a continuation of my new outlook on life.
2009 is Family First....
I'm giving this whole year an attitude of gratitude.
I can tell you already it will change your life.

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darla said...

whoa, did you do good with that J! i love what you said about Journals, it is so true, you look back and see that everything passes no matter how big it seemed at the time. i was smiling and reading your post in the hotel lobby and have people looking at me wondering what's wrong with me, i love it! ha. thanks for making me smile!