Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I turned 42 years old on January 1st.
And I can say without reservation that this year's party was the most fun,
total best, biggest smiles I've ever had...
I've always kinda had issues with my birthday being so close to Christmas,
and people always giving me stuff wrapped in Christmas paper,
or being broke and forgetting it all together.
Not that I was ever counting on huge things...
but it always kinda took the special out of my birthday...
This year Brent came down and stayed a week with me. He, Brad,
Brenae (Brad's daughter) Brook, and Little Brady took me out for my birthday.
ALL the kids bought me gifts with their own money..
What a precious, wonderful treat and sign of unselfishness that was.
I was just all bubbles inside.
We went to Olive Garden (my favorite place).
Brad snuck a cake in to the waiter
while I was changing Brady's diaper.
When we were all finished eating .... out came the singers with MY cake.
Now that is just down right wonderfully romantic and fun..
Even at 42 birthdays are just as much fun
as ever if you're surrounded with the people you love most in the world.
I've always heard that whatever you're doing on your birthday you'll do all year long.......
IF that's the case then I'm set..
I spent it feeling on top of the world..
I read today in a new motivational book I'm reading that
"Everything you want to become on the outside,
you must first become on the inside"
(author unknown mom)
Well ........ I felt lucky...
Because my insides feel full of peace, gratitude, and bubbling over love..
What a start to "MY year of the Fairytale Family"


darla said...

what a wonderful b-day! i'm excited that i got in on your fairy tale year just in time! how exciting!

Jenny Wilson said...

Happy happy birthday! What a wonderful way to begin your 42nd year! By the way, you don't look a day over 30. :)