Friday, January 30, 2009

Everyone Needs a HERO

It's been 2 weeks since I've seen Brent, and I can't take it any more.
SOoooooooooooooooo, when Brook gets out of school, she, Brady and I are headed Westward. Not sure what it is about Brent, but in some magical way he is a hero to us all.
Of course to Brook he is her BIG BROTHER.
One she has always looked up to and one who she knows would protect his Little SIS..
Then, there's Brady.... Who honestly isn't quite sure who Brent is.
He's this big guy we call BUBBA and one mom loves all over.
But for some reason unknown to the rest of us.....
When Brent walks in the door Brady just beams with JOY.
He knows this "big guy" is someone we all love.
Then, there's me. Well, I could go on for days
about how I feel about him,
but to put it in nut shell....
Brent was the first person who ever truly made me feel LOVE.
From the moment he came into this world he has changed it forever.
He gives me motivation, inspiration, and determination to be the best I can be.
He is my precious son, my dear friend,
and a Hero to us all.

Have a FABULOUS Friday.... It's the only one you get until next week.


Sher said...

Hang on as long as you can sista. Hero is what he will always be to the MOM. Plus he is really precious and handsome, how could you not love him to death. We all should count our blessings especially when it comes to sons.

Pherenike said...

Hi, Love your philosophy and that quote from the movie is perfect!

LauraLoo said...

Beautiful post and that picture with Big brother & Little brother is heart melting! It's so simple & yet it says so many things! Love it! Hope you had a ton of fun spending quality time with your kiddos! :)