Monday, February 2, 2009

Creative ExploSION

WELL.... I'm home from my adventures with my "big" son.
Something about that child just makes me want to be 2 of me.
One who actually gets to be Brent's mom, and one you gets to watch.
You just gotta love a feeling like that.
Anyway.... I woke up this morning
with a CREATIVE Explosion in my brain.
I'm wanting to do a Zillion things. Here's my new "Brady" gate up the stairs
that I "FUNNED-UP" with a little color. ha
I got the idea from one of the millions of fabulous people in blog land.
I just started drawing, and adding a few little things here and there,
and of course some polka dots.

I'm in the mood to paint the house, make some polka dotted pillows, paint a new floral something to go over my fireplace, get funner curtains in the living room, paint my kitchen table, recover some furniture in wonderful colored fabrics.
My friend showed me the greatest website with WOWWWWWWW furniture.
I'm looking for it.. I trashed the email after I read it, and thought I saved the site, but of course can't find it.
ANYWAY..... I want to do fabulous crazy stuff today........
Color my hair, wear cowboy boots with a Tutu, wear giant gaudy jewelry,
and brand new panties.. hee hee....
I know it's Monday!!!!!!!!!! But it's one of those Marvelous Mondays for me. Yippie..
I read today (in Open Your Mind, Open Your Life)
it's one of the megazillion books about positiveness that I love to read.....
Let go of anger -
it is an acid that burns
away the delicate layers
of your happiness........
unknown Ancient eastern thought

So... let go and have a wonderful day....


darla said...

i love visiting your blog, it makes me just want to go put polka dots on something and scream for JOY! ok, if i end up doing that i'll post a pic for you! :D

julie king said...

it must have been something in the air yesterday as i had a wonderful monday as well!!!! your enthusiasm is very contagious. love the gate. you go girl!!