Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love is in the AIR

Watching LOVE is the funnest part of my job.
Whether it be in the form of parents and their children,
or two people who are about to get married....
it is a JOY to see.
Just being around it fills you with a floating feeling of awe.....
It makes your heart beat faster,
your face curl with a smile,
and above all
it makes LIFE worth living.
This is just a tiny sample of the wonderful fun I had
shooting LOVE on a Sunday afternoon.
Stay tuned for the slideshow
of the rest of their images
coming in two days...
It can't help but bring a tickle to your soul...


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are a reminder to all of us--work really hard never to lose "that special feeling" that your pictures so beautifully depict. What lovely work and a cute couple too! I'm so proud of you.
I love you,

Anonymous said...
you inspired me to start blogging! come vist my site!!! I used your pic hope that was ok.

julie king said...

what a beautiful couple they are. the girl's eyes are mesmerizing. i can see that you really love what you do. it just infuses all of your photos. and, i say good for you!!!!!