Friday, August 28, 2009

First Football Game

Tonight my little girl cheers at her first
Varsity Football Game.
She looked so darling in her uniform as she left to get on the bus.
I didn't take a picture, but will make up for it tonight at the game..
Little Brady and I are about to leave..
It's his first Football Game too !!!!
Can't think of anything much funner than being fabulous, 16,
great weather, and about to cheer with your best friend
on a Football Friday Night...
(Well if you're not from Texas there might be something more fun)

May we all have a Friday to Remember!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Senior in the Sun

Back home, and Back to WORK...
(If I can really call it that)
I LOVE what I do so much that it always feels like FUN..
I had a Senior Shoot on Thursday.
It seriously had to have been one of the hottest days of the summer....
Katie and I made it through though...
AND what incredible shots we got...
Here's just a little sneak peak..

May we all have a day that ends in WOW !!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


(Brook, Me, Brady, Brad, and Brenae)

I have so many wonderful pictures to share with my BLOg friends
from our trip to the coast..
We got home Sunday, and I left Monday morning to take Brent to College.
Brent and I messed up pretty much everything we did that day....
so I ended up spending the night and we started all over again on Tuesday.
We finally got it done late that next day..
I had completely forgotten how tiring college registration can be.
(Particularly when you mess things up! ha )
Anyway... I've had shoots since I've been back,
and haven't gotten to work much at all on my trip pictures..
I will have precious things to show you soon.
This was one I saw, and knew right off, that it was special to me...
I hope all of our children remember
That we are always here to hold their hands.
May we NEVER walk through life alone !!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beach Bound

We're OFF !!!
The morning has been crazy..
But we're off to the beach.
Got so many bags packed, and piles of camera equipment.
But I just couldn't stand the thought of not getting the picture I want
because I didn't bring the right stuff.
Of course Brad about had a cow.... but he got over it.
This is my all time favorite beach picture I've ever taken.
Can't remember exactly how long ago it was ( I think about 6 years),
but it is one I always go back to as one of my favorites.
Can't wait to show you one of my new favorites !!!
Be back on Sunday..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What A CITY view

I had a shoot this week in one of the towers down town.
I was a little nervous, to say the least, as "This hick West Texas GAL"
entered a building full of executives, and stock brokers.
I was doing a shot of members around their boardroom table
(not at all my usual thing) haha..
I can just tell you
that all my nerves walking in....were squelched within minutes.
WHAT wonderful, kind people I met in their office.
From the man at the front door, to the unbelievably sweet women in the office,
and I must say.... even the stock brokers themselves
were just real people
with hearts like the rest of us.
We giggled, looked important, and laughed out loud all at the same time.
I was so thrilled that I had stepped out of my comfort zone
to do this shoot.
It is so true what they...
Everyone who walks through your life
can teach you something
(if you let them!!)
I truly had a grand time and will from this day forward
have a different perspective about stepping out of my comfort zone.
As I left the office building...
I couldn't help but shoot a few of the amazing things
standing right there in front of me...
I've passed by some of these buildings many times....
But something about the new found feeling of freedom from the normal
had me looking at things in a whole new way!
May we all dare to adventure out of our comfort zone..
The fear of failure is always hiding underneath the surface,
however it's up to us whether or not we listen..
So my friends....
Do something soon that you didn't think you could....
You'll be amazed at the buried strength you carry within
(it's just waiting for a reason to shine)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Man... How wonderful it is to go somewhere fun
with friends you hardly ever get to see..
But MAN how crappy it is to play catch up for days and days
trying to backtrack all you didn't get done while you were gone. haha
My precious friend's Sherry and Deb took these pictures of me.
I've written this post in my head several times... ha
However it's very difficult for you to read it there.
(Stormy... if you see this post notice my wonderful necklace)
I LOVE it LOVE it... and wear it all the time. Thanks a MILLION!!
I am still just full of bubbles over my time in Carmine, Texas..
I know I was the supposed to be the one teaching things there....
But I can't express how much I learned....
and Mostly about MYself !
As long as I can remember I have found something about my
body, hair, face, or my life that I didn't like and wanted to change.
I worked on legs, abs, pimples and wrinkles..
I've cut hair, grown hair, and colored hair...
And somehow it was just never quite what I was looking for.
However.... surrounding yourself with women (of all shapes and sizes)
who were so incredibly inspiring in so many different ways
has given me a whole new perspective..
It's ok to LIKE being the YOU that you are..
Sure we all have things we can work on, and habits we can alter...
but WOMEN of the WORLD......
Enjoy the way you are today...
As Max Lucado says...
Our society no longer tries to keep up with the Jones....
instead we try to keep up with some ridiculous idea of Hollywood and it's starlets..
That is so true...
In our minds we have built some idea of what we think we are supposed to be,
and anything less than that is just a MESS...
No matter who you are, or what you look like you can always find something wrong
if that is what you're looking for..
So STOP looking...
Take today and make a list of some things you actually like about yourself.
God has filled you up with loads of YOUniqueness..
You will always be a crummy someone else...
But have the potential to be an awesome YOU..
So today don't look at the cellulite on your legs (yes we all have it),
or the chicken flaps under your arms where your triceps used to be
(yes.. we all have those too).
INstead focus on the fact that you do have legs...
Ones that can walk you around in this incredible world we live in..
Keep your list and read it to yourself often.
Fill your life with more of how good you are instead of all that you think you're not.
May we all be reminded of our SEXY Soul.