Thursday, August 20, 2009


(Brook, Me, Brady, Brad, and Brenae)

I have so many wonderful pictures to share with my BLOg friends
from our trip to the coast..
We got home Sunday, and I left Monday morning to take Brent to College.
Brent and I messed up pretty much everything we did that day....
so I ended up spending the night and we started all over again on Tuesday.
We finally got it done late that next day..
I had completely forgotten how tiring college registration can be.
(Particularly when you mess things up! ha )
Anyway... I've had shoots since I've been back,
and haven't gotten to work much at all on my trip pictures..
I will have precious things to show you soon.
This was one I saw, and knew right off, that it was special to me...
I hope all of our children remember
That we are always here to hold their hands.
May we NEVER walk through life alone !!!