Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beach Bound

We're OFF !!!
The morning has been crazy..
But we're off to the beach.
Got so many bags packed, and piles of camera equipment.
But I just couldn't stand the thought of not getting the picture I want
because I didn't bring the right stuff.
Of course Brad about had a cow.... but he got over it.
This is my all time favorite beach picture I've ever taken.
Can't remember exactly how long ago it was ( I think about 6 years),
but it is one I always go back to as one of my favorites.
Can't wait to show you one of my new favorites !!!
Be back on Sunday..


lori vliegen said...

i can see why this would be one of your favorite's fantastic!! have lots of fun on the beach....:)

Alberta said...

I myself am glad you're taking so much equipment because I can't wait to see your beach photos either. I know they will be amazing. Have a wonderful trip!

sara's art house said...

HI! I found your blog from my followers page and I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the polka dots! I love that yellow chair I saw with the flower pillow! AWESOME! Can't wait to look through the rest of your blog!