Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Man... How wonderful it is to go somewhere fun
with friends you hardly ever get to see..
But MAN how crappy it is to play catch up for days and days
trying to backtrack all you didn't get done while you were gone. haha
My precious friend's Sherry and Deb took these pictures of me.
I've written this post in my head several times... ha
However it's very difficult for you to read it there.
(Stormy... if you see this post notice my wonderful necklace)
I LOVE it LOVE it... and wear it all the time. Thanks a MILLION!!
I am still just full of bubbles over my time in Carmine, Texas..
I know I was the supposed to be the one teaching things there....
But I can't express how much I learned....
and Mostly about MYself !
As long as I can remember I have found something about my
body, hair, face, or my life that I didn't like and wanted to change.
I worked on legs, abs, pimples and wrinkles..
I've cut hair, grown hair, and colored hair...
And somehow it was just never quite what I was looking for.
However.... surrounding yourself with women (of all shapes and sizes)
who were so incredibly inspiring in so many different ways
has given me a whole new perspective..
It's ok to LIKE being the YOU that you are..
Sure we all have things we can work on, and habits we can alter...
but WOMEN of the WORLD......
Enjoy the way you are today...
As Max Lucado says...
Our society no longer tries to keep up with the Jones....
instead we try to keep up with some ridiculous idea of Hollywood and it's starlets..
That is so true...
In our minds we have built some idea of what we think we are supposed to be,
and anything less than that is just a MESS...
No matter who you are, or what you look like you can always find something wrong
if that is what you're looking for..
So STOP looking...
Take today and make a list of some things you actually like about yourself.
God has filled you up with loads of YOUniqueness..
You will always be a crummy someone else...
But have the potential to be an awesome YOU..
So today don't look at the cellulite on your legs (yes we all have it),
or the chicken flaps under your arms where your triceps used to be
(yes.. we all have those too).
INstead focus on the fact that you do have legs...
Ones that can walk you around in this incredible world we live in..
Keep your list and read it to yourself often.
Fill your life with more of how good you are instead of all that you think you're not.
May we all be reminded of our SEXY Soul.


Darla said...

i have recently began to grow my grey hair out, and i refused to tan this summer as well. i asked myself, do you do this because you like it or because it's what society says is beautiful, i answered honestly and i REFUSE to do anything other than what feels good to me!!! great post. and yes, we all have cellulite, so true. haha.

PrairiePeasant said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. I totally agree with your post--our worst critic is ourselves! Thanks for sharing.

deb did it said...

what a beautiful post Staci. I had a marvelous, wholesome, fun, invigorating, inspiring time together with you. The collage is an amazing portfolio of the beautiful woman you are....brave, funny and proud...I love it! Your energy is contagious and we need doses of you more often in our lives! Come back to see me!