Thursday, July 30, 2009

Took more than I gave

What a delightful, incredible time I had at my Photo seminar this past week.
I hope this post can possibly express my heartfelt Soul Journey.
There are times in life where we truly take more than we give...
And this, my friends, was one of those times.
To Sherry...
I adore you. I have looked up to you from the day I met you in 2003.
Many times, as I walked my rocky path, I have sought your comfort and guidance.
And countless others I have talked to you in my head.
You are a lady to be admired and your love for God, your family, your friends, and your camera are one that I treasure beyond what this lifetime will hold.
To Deb....
My precious new kindred spirit.
You are enclosed in one package so much of what the world needs more of.
Sincere, honest to your soul, natural, creative, and full of "the moment."
How thankful I am that we share our dear Sherry so that our paths met at the crossroads.
I will hold dearly to the 2 days we spent together.
The nights rocking on your front porch sharing the depths of our "woman's souls" will forever be a priceless moment I will look back on and smile.

When Sherry and I arrived in RoundTop, Texas on Saturday night.... We drove to an incredible little pub to meet Deb. They were playing LIVE music and dancing. For a girl who watches daily Sponge Bob.... it of course was an amazing treat. A dear man, in his 60's, stood and sang his heart out to any one's request for at least 2 priceless hours.

How I wish you could have both seen and felt the overwhelming passion this precious man had for what he did.. I know I am an emotional sap, but it really brought me to tears to watch him. He loved what he did. He played from his soul with a Bucket on a stool that said "God Bless You".

Later that night I found out from Deb that he is the man who carries the huge CROSS over the top of his shoulder all over Texas. Now that is a man who has not stopped living. He lives each day tapped in to the Passion and JOY God has given us all. He didn't care at all that he was missing half of his front teeth. He sang from his heart... and for that no teeth were needed.

As my new male inspiration was singing Jeremiah was a Bullfrog (my request) ha

We turned around to see this (may I say STRANGE) sight. haha I'm not sure, but I feel like he was hurting the next morning.

Sunday morning I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, and bacon. Heard the sweet sound of handmade wind chimes and thought that this place must surely be somewhere close to the road to Heaven. It may not be marked as such on the map, but if you ever need a visit to a place where time stood still... filled with the peace that we often take for granted then visit Deb at the her bed and breakfast, and you can't help but take home a fresh squeezed dose.

After an incredible start to a beautiful day...

I set off on a Treasure Hunt.

I knew as I walked that this town would be filled with things I couldn't go home without.

I have so many wonderful pictures.. But this space can only hold a few..

After our workshop on Sunday Deb treated us to a wonderful diner. I've been told by another friend of mine that we should eat with our eyes.. I have never known exactly what that meant, but I came pretty darn close that night..

What wonderful food, and she even gave me the POLKA dot glass. hee hee

Deb invited a few of her friends over, and for that I will forever be thankful... I have read many times that we can learn something from each person who passed through our lives. Well I can only hope to have learned something from these amazing ladies. Glenda, was has a PhD, is in her 70's... To hear her talk you'd think she was just beginning life's road to being a woman. So full of life, and the desire to learn new things. We should never let the fear of failure stop us from trying. She talked it.... And most importantly she lived it...

Then there was Ms. Emma... A woman in her 80's who had me bending over with laughter one moment, and wiping back tears the next. She is the original founder of the Round Top Antique Show.. What an incredible woman. Her stories of a woman's journey in a man's world were something I will never forget.. Little did she know that a West Texas gal would be changed for a lifetime that night.

After our classes finished... Deb had one more surprise for us.

She took us to a place out in the middle of NO WHERE to see the Bridge of HOPE.

Along this gorgeous bridge are notes, prayers, poems, and hopes left by those who know God himself must surely visit such an incredible place.

Many cheers, and many thanks for this opportunity.

TO old friends, and new friends.... To new places, and experiences I will keep zipped in my soul.

Thank you Sherry for always reminding me that Women are the most SEXY when they follow the true spirit inside them.. Thank you for always taking my picture, and showing me that cellulite, wrinkles, and a few pounds can never replace the gifts inside our souls. I will have more of those to show later, and a lot more to say about that.

SEXY is knowing WHO you are, and being ok in THAT SKIN!

May we all find a $5 Polka dot garage sale dress that makes us feel incredible, and may we have dear, treasured friends who remind us that we are..


deb did it said...

oh my Staci, I feel hugged all over again....this post is like I just read a book! What a beautiful collection of photos and captured moments! I LOVE YA GAL.....what a blast it was....come back for MORE! "We'll leave the light on"

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

You have put into words about Deb that I have been unable to. She is truly AMAZING!
And you girls were the best, thank you so much for your time and your wisdom. I only wish that I could have enjoyed the porch and a glass or two of wine with you girls.
Thank you all for everything!

Alberta said...

What a fun and beautiful post, Staci! I always love my visits to your blog, and it's where I come when I need my spirits lifted. You were so blessed to be able to spend this time with your kindred spirits. Your photos, as always are incredible, and I loooove the polka dot dress!

deb did it said...

and one more thing Staci...YOU brought so much to our time together...your spirit, sense of humor, honest and raw view of everyday life. The love just oozes from your pores! and oh those black panties!!

LauraLoo said...

now, that is girl time!!! Sounds like your a lucky woman surrounded by positive, powerful, and beautiful girlfriends! Loved this post, you have such a way with words AND have inspired me to buy a polka dot dress! SO FUN!

Darla said...

i happened to be in Austin that weekend so i wasnt too far from you girls, and OH MY so much fun you all had. what a blessing, i'm happy for you.

Sher said...

Thank you for making me feel loved and all the very nice compliments you gave me. Being around you is like a visual and physical party on the inside and out. There is nothing better than soul touching girlfriends meeting in a beautiful place with camera and dr. pepper or stronger... laughter, honest sharing of thoughts and opinions your not afraid to hearing or telling. I wish for everyone especially my daughters, beautiful friendships like you and me.

Funky Art Queen said...

OMG-I think I could just fall in love with all of you girls and what fun you must have had. I do love Deb, she is just wonderful and you look like you are too! Someday I'm gonna get down there and meet Deb. Great are lovely and you make me wanna get pics of me where I feel lovely. XOXO