Thursday, July 2, 2009

Perfectly Precious

Words are not made to express how absolutely precious little 1 year olds can be..
What a treat is was to spend an afternoon with this little doll..
Here are a few to share with all my BLOg friends...
It honestly makes me want to go buy a tutu and wear it around my house...
Something however tells me that it wouldn't look quite the same..
A water colored angel!!!
Thank you Allie for sharing your little girl with me..
Pink cheetah never made me smile quite so big.....

Now that...... my friends - looks like a gal having some FUN.

Give a girl a new dress and a pair of high heels and watch what happens..

What a wonderful job I have..
Watching little smiles break across puffy cheeks, arms flying in the air,
chubby little feet, and precious eyes beaming with the wonders of life
is a blessing I am grateful for each day..

May we all look into the eyes of a child and remember where our JOY began.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!!
Love these shots, they are precious. You did a great job, and what a great subject to photograph. Good job!

Darla said...

wow, that made me smile! her feet in those shoes! :) you do have a great job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much! I love them. You did an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Never have seen anything cuter. You have a great gift. I cant wait to see more.

(Kylie's Nanny)

Alberta and Ava said...

OMG, these made my day, especially the second photograph. My oldest son asked me recently what if he didn't have a little girl for me (you know I have two boys), and I said, "Well, you better GET one because whatever you have is wearing a tutu!" I have a little something, something for you on my blog, when you have a chance to stop by and pick it up.