Sunday, July 12, 2009

Garage Sale GLORY

I know to half the world...
including both of my parents -
The mere words Garage Sale
send hair standing upon end ....
To ME however....
They make me so excited I almost WET my PANTS..

Yesterday... My friend April and I set out on a
glamorous day of Garage Sale Glory..
She is from Ft. Worth and knows this area....
So our adventure was all the more exciting.
April.... who is the world's greatest organizer..
Had us a list of 38 places arranged by zip code and direction.
We left out of here at 9 a.m. and started out on the quest
for the person who was accidentally selling their most wonderful possessions.
NOTICE how after only a few sales her SUV was almost already loaded down..
Next time we are taking Brad's truck...
I found the greatest.. Most wonderful things...
I can't wait to redo them and make them come back to life as something

WE only made it to about 2o of them and I had to ride all the way home with a table in my seat... HENCE the stopping of our adventures..
There was no more room for another purchase.
I even had to go back for a chest of drawers and desk I bought.

Here are all of my items unloaded...
Not counting the antique chest and desk I got for 15 total. WOWOWOWOWOWOW
As we were unloading the SUV,
cars were stopping by my house thinking I was having a sale.
Now that is funny!!!!
YES...... all of this fit in that car we were in..
HOW I AM NOT exactly SURE...
Here are Little Brady's treasure...
You've just got to love having a child young enough
that Garage Sale toys make you jump with JOY...
Notice the worst looking animal
(the brown monkey in the middle)
was already ours.. MR. Monk Monk
Brady carries him everywhere...
So I bought some new monkeys to add to our pack..
Now if that's not a fine day of living...
Then I just don't know what a girl is looking for..

May we all find a treasure that make us sparkle with JOY..


Darla said...

ok, first, send April to come organize for ME please, and secondly, that looks like GREAT fun!!! and thirdly, i remember so well my kids getting excited about garage sell finds, those were good days! devyn still sleeps with her 45cent teddy bear that we bought at goodwill in Deming NM when she was 2! haha. there is nothing like finding a treasure!

April said...

It was definately a GREAT day of garage sale adventures!!!! If only it had been cooler it would have been a PERFECT day of garage sale adventures!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the BIG blue thing? Is it a headboard....I might even like going garage sale shopping Looks like you guys did great!!!

Staci Danford said...

The BLUE thing is a wonderful headboard.. It is in perfect condition too.. And you won't believe I got it for $3.50.. I almost felt like I stole it.