Thursday, July 23, 2009


If you saw Penelope (the pig) in my last post...
You'll see that she too has had a makeover!
I decided my new studio theme was going to be..
When Pigs Fly
so I gave her a little friendly witch to help with her aerial affairs.
I must say I think she looks rather fanciful
in her new HOT PINK polka dot attire.
Little Brady is quite enamored with her.
She's had several conversations with him
in a language they speak all their own.e

Here is the new sewing section of my studio..
I'm not finished with my tree of wonder,
( the raw beginnings of it are in my last post)
I will have it completed soon and get it posted.
The shelves are wonderful, and I can see my fabric while I create.
I bought the brackets for .50 cents a piece at last weeks garage sale.
After a quick paint job and some dots.... they are perfect for my needs.
Brad hung them for me and I have already put them to use.
Got busy right away and made me a new pillow
to match my new $10 garage sale chair.
I used the arm rest material to make the flower
and it ties all the colors in to the rest of the house.
Now I must say - that chair was a steal.
It is so comfy.........
I did not buy this at a garage sale...
This is Brad's contribution to our decor... haha
But I figured if he's let me paint polka dots on everything
then I owed him his deer.
(with a few minor additions)
Yes... I know if it has these horns it is a BOY,
but a deer in Drag is so much cuter I think. hee hee'
Besides... I told Brad it gets much more attention that way.
Here is my chair in my sewing area...
Was an ugly old brown mess before,
and a few coats of paint and some glamour
and she's a Cosmo GAL..
April and I designed her a matching lamp sister,
and they are set to fill me with many days of fun in my work space.
Smiling while you work...
Now it just doesn't get much better.

Last but not least...
My best $50 dolloar purchase..
A not so fabulous, not so real wood armour.
A coat of fresh white paint....
Some wonderful Polka dots and she is the best storage in the city..

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to comment,
send me a text, facebook me, or write an email about my last post..
What an amazing treat to know that life is filled with people like you.
Their is much more good in this world than bad if we just take the time to discover it..

May we all find someone to spread a kind word to.
You never know when you just might have made their day..
Smiles are the best kind of flowers to send.


Darla said...

yes ma'am you are right, pigs did fly! you have accomplished so much! i love the deer dressed in drag, haha, i once gave a guy my shiny silver purse (he was working the window at weinershnitzel(sp) one christmas, he was obviously gay when he commented on how 'cute' my purse was, so i emptied it right there and gave it to him...haha, he told me it would go great with his drag costumes and jumped up and down in thankfulness, nearly made him cry! it blessed my heart so much...and when i saw that deer, it reminded me of that night- you may have just given that deer his best gift ever! he looks happy to me...that's what it's all about in life, right? makin people smile? oooohh, and that garage sale chair made me smile!

lori vliegen said...

your studio is looking fabulous!! i can't decide which i like better....the polka dot pig or the deer in drag! hee hee! and speaking of polka dots....your armoire is fantastic! i love those gingham knobs, too! :)

LauraLoo said...

OH tell me your fairytale again and again and again! I love living in your fairytale world even if it is just through the blogging world! It brightens my day everytime! Wow, how could one not want to go to work in a bright smiling office like that! I LOVE IT!

p.s you are queen of garage sales!!! I need to start opening my eyes wider when I garage sale hunt...I am bound and determined to find magical things like your yellow chair to add to my space!

big high fives!


Veronica said...

You have been so buzy! It will be hard NOT to be in a good frame of mind in your heart(and polka dot) filled studio.

Sher said...

Spending the day with you is like an adult Disneyland, only better.

deb did it said...

that yellow chair rocks....reminds me of PeeWee Herman! I love your style!