Thursday, July 9, 2009

River Wonderland

I've already posted some of these pictures in other places...
but wanted to share them on my BLOg...
This BLOg
is my very favorite of all communication venues..
It gives me a space to release the Joy that is in my Heart..
And a place to share with all my friends
how incredibly fast "Little Brady" is growing up.
Here is my little man on his big boy bed at the river.
Brad and I have spent the past 3 weeks working off and on
(Mostly ON) out there getting it ready
so we can spend the rest of our summer on the water.
We have sweated buckets, seen several copper heads, killed a couple,
Brad's been bitten by a brown recluse, and we had to dig
an entire new water line and septic system....
But... Now that it is all done... it fills us both
with such an awesome sense of WOW
knowing we did it ourselves.
Here is the tiniest bathroom in the world..
But.. it's got everything you NEED so the rest is just gravy..

This is our one and only bedroom..
The wall had to be torn down because a pipe busted inside the wall.
So Brad put me a new wall in and turned the panelling the opposite direction.
I just painted that little fellow, and called it a "headboard"
Here is our living room in the trailer..
I traded a friend for this couch years ago...
and it's still the all time
MOST COMFY COUCH in the entire world..
It's gone through many slip covers, and pillows..
but the ole' girl is still the best sitting place around.

We look straight out any of our windows and this is our VIEW...
Less than 30 yards away is the most amazing place to be.

We were all afraid that Brady would be scared of the water.
Little did we know that the child had "No Fear" what so ever.
Every morning he would wake up and say "River Please."
Now who could resist that..
So..... needless to say we spent a great deal of our 4 days in the water.
As the days went on...
He got more and more brave.
He was falling down in the current and standing right back up like a trooper.
He'd laugh and say "Drink"... haha
We tried many times to tell him that this was not where you drink
but he said it every time he fell in.
Watching water is the most peaceful, relaxing thing I know of..
I sat on our deck every morning and every night
watching the current flow down river..
Something about the sound of the trees rustling,
the unbelievably clean air
filled with the sound of moving water
gives my soul a place to rest..
To me it feels like it's HOME..
To my precious son...
who will one day live on this river...
I hope your heart too is filled with the peace
that only Love and Nature can bring.
May we all have a place that our spirit calls HOME!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! He does look so big, I can't believe how fast he is growing up. Enjoy every moment.
Love you all,

Darla said...

great pictures, and great decorating too! you always amaze me with the decorating! when do you have time? Brady is looking like such a big boy now, it's been fun watching him grow, and i look forward to seeing him grow for many more years, which means you have to keep blogging! and decorating and taking pictures to show me and making me feel bad for never being creative!! haha.

julie king said...

brady is so cute and looking more and more like a little man and not a baby boy!!

the decorating of the trailer is so cute. i'm sure it is very fun to hang out there and enjoy the water!