Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Immersed in ART

Rocks, Wings, and Precious Little Things!!!
A workshop for anyone who wants to find the creativity that lies inside.
Fear Less.... Dream More
Never underestimate the transforming effects
of creativity on your life..

Spend a few hours with 2 women who will take you on a
remarkable journey of creativity.
Bring your camera, your laptop, an open mind, and a heart full of fun.
By learning a few simple techniques in Photoshop
my precious friend from Italy (now Doha), Sherry Patrizi and I
will take you on
a Soul Journey.
Spend a day and a half with a room full of hearts who want to create.
Learn to use layers, textures, and script to create your own
personal piece of ART..
Turn something Ordinary into something Extraordinary..
A bit of art lies within us all..
The workshop will be held
at an amazing Bed and Breakfast near Austin, Texas.
in her ART Bodega
What a wonderful way
to spend a night away from home.
Workshop participants will be given the special room rate of only $50.00
For more information contact Deb Taylor
at 979-830-7866
only 10 spots left.. call soon


Darla said...

that sounds like tons of fun! i wanna go...is it just for photographer pro's? or people like me? let me know, i may seriously consider this. :D (if i am eligible, haha)

deb did it said...

Come one, come all...it will be a blast, PLUS you will learn something! Can't wait to mee you Staci.