Sunday, July 19, 2009

When PIGS Fly

This is one of the most "from the Heart" posts I've ever written,
but I have let something eat at me for years and it's time to let it out.
Several years ago...
someone I trusted told me that I lived in a fairy tale world.
They told me that I would never amount to anything
unless I learned to get out of the dream world inside my head
and get serious.
I hadn't realized how much I let what they said to me take root in my spirit..
I have tried to be serious..
Tried to like serious things...
Wear serious colors....
AND it's just not ME......
So what if the world ever takes me serious
or thinks I amount to (their version of) anything.
After a great deal of soul searching ...
I have decided to embrace all that I am and just be proud of it.
God gives each of us a special set of gifts.
And when people say you are one in a million.......
You are the ONE and ONLY..
There is not another single person in this entire world like you for a reason.
I have spent many years fighting against my gifts.
I love to smile, and make other people smile.
I love to tell silly stories, and giggle so hard I nearly wet my pants.
I like color.... Wild and crazy colors..
I like whimsy...
I like things that make me feel inspired and want to create.
I like pigs with big round bodies...
And most of all I like POLKA dots!!
So... Last night I began painting,
and I have torn my upstairs studio apart.
I have kept it serious
because I wanted people to take my work seriously.
I work very hard at the things I do,
and I let those words "get out of your fairy tale"
keep me from being the ME that I was meant to be..
Maybe I was put here
to bring a little fairy tale to us all.
To fill someones day with something silly instead of something serious.
To bring a giggle, to cause a smile, to say some inspiring words,
to push someone to never stop dreaming,
or to create happy things with polka dots....
And best of all
maybe to show someone that God makes us all
with a unique purpose..
How sad it would be if we were all the same!
So.. with that said -
I begin my studio transformation...
I am going to take the words of JOYCE MEYER to heart.
Surround your self with only those things that.....
Are Beautiful
Are Useful
or Bring you JOY.
(and my amendment to that is ...
or ones that have the potential for any of those things..)

Stay tuned for the finished drops of my Fairy Tale.
May we all realize that sometimes Pigs can fly if they have the right kind of wings..


Prairie Emporium said...

You go girl!!! You need to be happy and be yourself, there a time to be serious (like at a funeral) but who wants to be that way all the time. I live in my own little world and love it; I wouldn't want to live any other way for somebody else.
Staci, I love your pictures, you are a great photographer.

Darla said...

i have a rule at my house about 'stuff' too. if you don't love it and it doesn't make you feel good, get rid of it...everything deserves to be loved, so if you can't do it, let someone else. i think it's great that you have your own style, whether it be fairy tale or serious. we should all be more honest with ourselves about who we really are and what really makes us smile! great post.

lori vliegen said...

great post, staci!! isn't it amazing how when we try to live by someone else's idea of how we should live, we're really not living at all?!! God created you to love polka go for it!! have fun with your studio transformation! :)

Anonymous said...

The reason SO MANY people love you is because you are silly and not serious all the time!! So stay silly because if you don't I won't like you anymore!! haha kidding!! love ya Taren
PS MOM Loves your sillness the too!! It make us all live a little longer!!

April said...

OK! So first I would like to say whoever told you that is an idiot. And second you make the world a beter place to live in with your happy and silly ways. I just told Ashley the other day that being around you makes be a better person. And not because you are serious all the time. It's because you love polka dots and you read with fun voices and you love everyone and everything with all of your heart. You make me smile and laugh when ever I am with you. I enjoy our adventures so much you don't even know. SO you can go tell that SOB that the "fairy tale world" is right where you belong!!!!!!

Staci Danford said...

Thank you all bunches... I know it's so crazy... but when people take the time to write a comment it just tickels my heart. I always say no matter how old you are nice words are just the best to hear.
Thanks again.

Veronica said...

Keep painting! Im working on not letting others expectations rule my way of being. It is hard sometimes, but then I come across reminders like this post and I am strengthened. Thank You. We are all unique and exactly as we are meant to be, lets celebrate that.

Anonymous said...

You know I have seen you pee your pants at something funny. Do I love you any less for that slight imperfection....hahaha....... are you kidding me??? no When I think about that time, I smile soo very BIG and laugh out loud.
I am so glad that you have unleashed that wonderful world in your head, we all need to find our passion......( you might be mine) love ya Kim

julie king said...

hurray for you!!! you've got it all right now so keep it up!

deb did it said...

I am in love with your striped tree!