Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Kisses

My little brother has been dead now 5 years. And still I pick up the phone to call him. It hardly seems possible that he isn't here to talk to anymore. He was always my biggest fan.
In the eyes of my brother I could do no wrong.
How I miss his crazy laugh, all the nick names he called me, and his never ending number of voices he used to impersonate. He could have me laughing so hard I would cry. I'd give a million dollars to hear his crazy voice just one more time.. I know he watches me and some days I even feel him near; but what I'd give for one of his goofy brother kisses. I did a photo shoot this past weekend of a darling brother and sister. As I sat back and watched them talk and play together I again saw the joys of having a brother. Little Hannah was so amazed at all her brother would say to her. And I have laughed out loud thinking of Tyler telling me how he lost his first tooth but only Hannah saw the tooth fairy. He told me in great detail how she saw a man with one wing who just flew away but left him some money....... While I took their sweet pictures and watched her kiss her brother, my heart raced back to my own brother. We should all stop and give more kisses. You never know when the last one will be. And, I think if Todd were here again- I'd wear some pink shoes to do my kissing. What could be more fun.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Angels with Tiny Wings

Sometimes right in the middle of an ordinary day God sends us a miracle. I have experienced several of them myself, but saw such a precious example of one this past weekend. I got to photograph an amazing little angel that landed in the home of some very special people. I have done Senior pictures, Engagement pictures, and even Wedding pictures for them; but nothing compares to what I saw in this beautiful baby girl. How excited and blessed they feel to be a part of her little life. Looking backward with 41 year old eyes I see something special there. I have always felt that my own children were a gift from God. Now there were days in which I wondered exactly what kind of gift they were ( maybe a gag gift) ha but how lucky I feel that I was chosen to be the one who they called Moma... It still to this day gives me chills when I hear that word come out of their mouths. I can't think of anything better that I could be. As sweet little Brady learns to say mama ma ma ma I feel the joy all over again at the gift of being Mom..

Sometimes in the midst of our busy lives we forget that being that is more important than anything else we can be..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tomorrow is the BIG day

Tomorrow is the first day of school for both of my big kids... It is always so exciting to start fresh. Brook has tried on clothes to find just the right outfit that looks like she didn't try to find the just the right outfit. haha if that makes any sense... I think you are just supposed to look great without looking like you tried. When you're young and beautiful that doesn't take much work. However, at 41 I believe it might be close to impossible. ha Brent is already having so much fun at college. His first taste of freedom is more than he imagined. How wonderful I remember that was myself. Making your own choices (whether good or bad) is just a life changing memory. I'm so proud for him to be his own man and become all God has planned for him to be. I've always told him he was born a champion. I saw it in his eyes. And I must say he has been one all of his life in so many different ways.. And my little Brook (who is not little at all) was born with a karma that I can't even begin to explain. She is so much fun, and has a sparkle that makes us all wonder where it comes from.. I know her new year will be filled with many exciting firsts. Her first time as high school cheerleader, her first time to drive to school, and many others that I know will make us smile. May we all experience the thrill in our lives of starting fresh. How wonderful the lessons we've learned are because they bring us to where we begin today, but even more wonderful than that are the joys that lie ahead. I read something once that I've held on to the last few years... It said when you hold on to the past, you have no hands left to grab the future.. So, tomorrow may we all Let go and grab the wonders that lie ahead.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Shoes to Fill

Up late again as usual. Tonight though with excitement and sadness as I get ready to take my first born baby son off to college. I was going through some of Brent's old things and remembering what a wonderful boy he was.. I remember so clearly me buying his first pair of Jordan shoes because the Dr. told us he needed good shoes since he'd broken his leg.. Many many pairs later I guess it worked.. Today I found Little Brady his first pair. They are almost exactly like Brent's. As I put them on him I was filled with tears remembering the boy that is all grown up now. What a joy he has been for 18 years. NOT a single day have I ever not been proud to be his mother. What a wonderful blessing loving and raising him has been. We've laughed, danced, pretended we were in a band, and I've been all time best cheerleader for every event know to mankind and can say I've loved every minute of it. I even miss the loud music and dirty socks already.. If Scientists were to design a son they could not have done any better. I feel so lucky and blessed that God picked me out of all the women in the world to be Brent's mom.. I remember all the nights I tucked him in when he promised me I could go to college with him and live in his closet if I wouldn' t tell his friends. Those days have long gone and I'm sure I'm not as amazing as I once was in his eyes.... but there is no bond on earth greater than this one...
May God bless you every minute and watch over you while I can't .. I've loved you every second since you were born..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feed Me

What a wonderful, precious blessing Little Brady has been to all of our lives. He is the glue that seems to bond us all together. Joining two families melted together so effortlessly when he came into our world. How much fun we have had watching the changing moments of his life. Each day brings such joy and excitement in his eyes. Everyone swears we see him grow and learn something new daily. As the weeks pass his little eyes get wider with excitement as he figures out how to do something new. This week has been figuring out the fun of eating on his own. The dogs too have loved this phase. They stay beside him waiting for those little cereal puffs to hit the floor. And WOW the spoon........... Well that is just more fun than any of us seemed to experience while we eat. As I cleaned up the applesauce, pears, and sweet potatoes stuck to the wall and his face I couldn't help but laugh at the sparkle in the eyes of someone who sees the whole world as one big adventure waiting to be discovered. We should all find the joy in something boring and see it from a whole new perspective.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where Does Time Go

I stayed up last night updating my web site, and before I realized it... the clock said 2 am. I'm too old for that. I was just having so much fun going through all my old files of pictures, trying to cleaning off my hard drive, that I lost ALL track of time. It truly felt as though I was walking down memory lane. How precious to see all the hundreds of peoples images I have taken over the years and how much they have changed. Truly truly.... a picture is the only way I know of to freeze time. As I am preparing myself to take my precious son off to college this weekend, and send my (used to be baby girl) to her sophomore year of high school I would love another way just to stop time for a moment. It seems we were so busy when the kids were young trying to make a living and start a life and a career that I forgot to cherish all those silly, crazy, amazing little moments that I now would hold so dear. If ever there would be any advice I could give a young mother... now coming from the other end, it would be to only DO ONE THING AT A TIME!!!!!!!!!!! While trying to get it ALL done, you really miss out on the things that matter. Play with your kids more, laugh more, sing and dance out loud, and build all the memories possible so that when they grow up you can always know it was worth it...

Childhood is a journey, NOT a race.

I found some of my favorite pictures of my big kids and I together while digging through my old image files. And I put the same shirt and jeans on to do a picture of my new little guy too.
Now I have the whole set.. If only for a moment Time and Love are frozen.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fabulous Friends

I've spent the last 2 days with a wonderful Photographer friend I haven't seen in over 2 years. That's one of the things that age teaches you.... is to appreciate the true joys in life. REAL Laughter is one of them. My precious friend Sherry and I have laughed so hard for 2 days that I was giving myself asthma. No words (that I know of ) can express the thrill it was to see her. People pass through your life every single day. Some make it better, some make it worse, and some change it forever. Sherry is one of those people who have changed it forever. She's added fun, friendship, motivation, inspiration, laughter, and JOY. She has always made me feel LUCKY to be a part of her day. Such great fun....

Laughter is a thrill life gives you for free.. Take advantage.