Monday, August 18, 2008

Feed Me

What a wonderful, precious blessing Little Brady has been to all of our lives. He is the glue that seems to bond us all together. Joining two families melted together so effortlessly when he came into our world. How much fun we have had watching the changing moments of his life. Each day brings such joy and excitement in his eyes. Everyone swears we see him grow and learn something new daily. As the weeks pass his little eyes get wider with excitement as he figures out how to do something new. This week has been figuring out the fun of eating on his own. The dogs too have loved this phase. They stay beside him waiting for those little cereal puffs to hit the floor. And WOW the spoon........... Well that is just more fun than any of us seemed to experience while we eat. As I cleaned up the applesauce, pears, and sweet potatoes stuck to the wall and his face I couldn't help but laugh at the sparkle in the eyes of someone who sees the whole world as one big adventure waiting to be discovered. We should all find the joy in something boring and see it from a whole new perspective.



Anonymous said...

What a precious baby boy.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing little Brady is to all of us. He brings so much joy into our lives. We are so glad to get to share these times. Love the picture too.