Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where Does Time Go

I stayed up last night updating my web site, and before I realized it... the clock said 2 am. I'm too old for that. I was just having so much fun going through all my old files of pictures, trying to cleaning off my hard drive, that I lost ALL track of time. It truly felt as though I was walking down memory lane. How precious to see all the hundreds of peoples images I have taken over the years and how much they have changed. Truly truly.... a picture is the only way I know of to freeze time. As I am preparing myself to take my precious son off to college this weekend, and send my (used to be baby girl) to her sophomore year of high school I would love another way just to stop time for a moment. It seems we were so busy when the kids were young trying to make a living and start a life and a career that I forgot to cherish all those silly, crazy, amazing little moments that I now would hold so dear. If ever there would be any advice I could give a young mother... now coming from the other end, it would be to only DO ONE THING AT A TIME!!!!!!!!!!! While trying to get it ALL done, you really miss out on the things that matter. Play with your kids more, laugh more, sing and dance out loud, and build all the memories possible so that when they grow up you can always know it was worth it...

Childhood is a journey, NOT a race.

I found some of my favorite pictures of my big kids and I together while digging through my old image files. And I put the same shirt and jeans on to do a picture of my new little guy too.
Now I have the whole set.. If only for a moment Time and Love are frozen.

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lisatate said...


I agree with you, life is too short we should all have the attitude as yours; make as many memories as possible because time passes way too fast.

I will be thinking about yall this weekend, things just aren't going to be the same around ole Snyder High without "Worm" or Lance.

p.s. you didn't leave those pics of Brent.

Take care,
Lisa Tate