Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Shoes to Fill

Up late again as usual. Tonight though with excitement and sadness as I get ready to take my first born baby son off to college. I was going through some of Brent's old things and remembering what a wonderful boy he was.. I remember so clearly me buying his first pair of Jordan shoes because the Dr. told us he needed good shoes since he'd broken his leg.. Many many pairs later I guess it worked.. Today I found Little Brady his first pair. They are almost exactly like Brent's. As I put them on him I was filled with tears remembering the boy that is all grown up now. What a joy he has been for 18 years. NOT a single day have I ever not been proud to be his mother. What a wonderful blessing loving and raising him has been. We've laughed, danced, pretended we were in a band, and I've been all time best cheerleader for every event know to mankind and can say I've loved every minute of it. I even miss the loud music and dirty socks already.. If Scientists were to design a son they could not have done any better. I feel so lucky and blessed that God picked me out of all the women in the world to be Brent's mom.. I remember all the nights I tucked him in when he promised me I could go to college with him and live in his closet if I wouldn' t tell his friends. Those days have long gone and I'm sure I'm not as amazing as I once was in his eyes.... but there is no bond on earth greater than this one...
May God bless you every minute and watch over you while I can't .. I've loved you every second since you were born..

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Anonymous said...

I know tomorrow will be sad but I also know that you do not want Brent to miss this part of his life's journey. Know that the values you have instilled will always be with him. There are only good things ahead.