Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Kisses

My little brother has been dead now 5 years. And still I pick up the phone to call him. It hardly seems possible that he isn't here to talk to anymore. He was always my biggest fan.
In the eyes of my brother I could do no wrong.
How I miss his crazy laugh, all the nick names he called me, and his never ending number of voices he used to impersonate. He could have me laughing so hard I would cry. I'd give a million dollars to hear his crazy voice just one more time.. I know he watches me and some days I even feel him near; but what I'd give for one of his goofy brother kisses. I did a photo shoot this past weekend of a darling brother and sister. As I sat back and watched them talk and play together I again saw the joys of having a brother. Little Hannah was so amazed at all her brother would say to her. And I have laughed out loud thinking of Tyler telling me how he lost his first tooth but only Hannah saw the tooth fairy. He told me in great detail how she saw a man with one wing who just flew away but left him some money....... While I took their sweet pictures and watched her kiss her brother, my heart raced back to my own brother. We should all stop and give more kisses. You never know when the last one will be. And, I think if Todd were here again- I'd wear some pink shoes to do my kissing. What could be more fun.


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Sherry said...

September is a hard month for me. I can realte to missing your brother, and feeling his presence. That's a good thing! Keep up the Blog you are inspiring me again!