Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Favorite Cowboy

WELL, I don't know if he'll really grow up to be a cowboy:
but he sure does make a cute one.
Except for the fact that his head was too big
for his darn hat.
Some of my favorite people in all the
world wore a cowboy hat.
Not sure if it's the hat, or the
kind of man who is underneath it that I love so much.
Something about it just seems to stand for hard work,
honesty, and a man you can count on.
Grandad.... I wish you were here to see my sweet Brady.
I know you're looking down upon us.
Every time I see a straw hat flipped over upside down
I think of you.
You were the most wise, honest, genuine man I have ever know.
I miss you, and think of you all the time.
The lessons you taught me live in my heart always.

Little Brady's First Birthday has come and gone..
What an angel that precious child has been to our lives.
God never sprinkled so much personality
into one little fellow as he did
into my main man.
How quickly a year has gone by.
May every year of his life be as blessed & happy
as his first.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Together Again

I'm headed to Snyder today to see Lance,
my baby boy, and the pack.
I'm so excited he got to come home for Christmas
and has his buddies to help push him to get well.
He is doing so much better than
anyone first expected.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers.

As I get ready to travel today my mind always
has time to travel as well. It seems like driving
tends to send me either backward
or forward in time.
Today I'm choosing to head backward.
Back to a time where
I felt like I could protect my kids from any dangers
the world might throw their way.
Back when they sat in my lap and thought I
was going to grow up and be their girlfriend.
Oh how precious those memories are
when I look back and remember.
Time goes faster than any mother would want.
So take all the pictures people will let you,
and even some they won't. Because looking back,
those are the times you treasure.
Here are some more of my favorite images
of these wonderful, "growing up too fast" guys.

The memories must have been special to them too....
because they always remember the pose.

May we always take the time to
look back and remember.
Make a moment Last a Lifetime........

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lance is Coming HOME

I've missed a lot of fabulous shots in my life while my camera was not
glued to my side...........
But one that I am so thankful that I DID NOT miss was with these boys.

I had to make them let me do the first shoot the day before they started Jr. High.
Then we took the exact same shots the day before they started their Senior year.
This time they wanted to do it.
All four of them remembered right where they were standing and whose arms
were where. Our only problem was that they had grown so much
they hung over the tracks on both sides.
God (& time) had added a little meat to the size of their shoulders.
Of all the hundreds of shots I've taken over the years this is still
one of the most priceless. I have a 24x24 hanging in my house.
I look at it everyday and remember how thankful I am that
God picked me to be Brent's mom. How wonderful it was to
be a part of those boys lives while they grew up.
And how amazingly thankful we all are that they will be
there to see a member of their pack come home today.
There are just some things that time can not alter,
and the friendship between those 4 is one of them.
How lucky I feel to have been a part of their lives....
To watch them play football, to see them ride off all dressed up in a limo
for prom, the many "spend the nights" that lasted all weekend,
the countless amounts of food they ate, and the State Championship
they all won together their Senior Year.
May time never erase the joy, the friendship or they moments they
have shared together.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Please Pray

As I write this message today by heart is choking me in my throat.
I feel like someone has punched me so hard that it has taken my breath away.
My son's dearest lifelong friend is still in the hospital.
They were jumped by several other guys at a party this weekend,
and Lance was hit so hard in the head that he was knocked unconscious.
He later had 2 seizures and they had to call 911.
After several days in ICU he was moved to a room.
He continues to not really open his eyes much,
and has incredibly painful headaches.
The trauma to his brain was a severe blow.
These boys have been best friends for as long as I can remember.
Since becoming blood brothers in the second grade
they have remained through the years as close as any true brothers can be.
They got the same scholarship to play college baseball
and again got to be together.
They are roommates at Midland and continue to spend everyday together.
I have often wondered how they will ever make it when life takes
them in different directions.
But I never dreamed it would be now.
To everyone who reads this BLOG
I am asking for your prayers for Lance.
I know head injuries can change from day to day,
and God can do what no doctor can.
"What is impossible with man is possible with God."
May we all have a buddy that grows up to be our "brother."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Over-achiever

I LOVE Christmas..... Every year I say that I'm not going to get all
of this stuff out to decorate for just one month.........
but every year I do.
I just can't help myself it seems.
But.... I did realize that every year around this time
I end up sick.
I finally went to the minor emergency clinic and told them
I had to be well
by Saturday for Little Brady's birthday party.
I got 2 shots and 3 bottles of medicine.
Those steriod shots are just the best.
The dr. was right. In about 2 hrs. it felt like someone
had taken the bowling ball off of my head and
given my old one back again.
So, now that my head feels like a head again
I thought I'd share a little of my Christmas Fun.

This is my Front Room and the dresser I had so much fun painting.
I filled this room full of whimsy and fun...
Brady has loved playing in here. He points to all the Santa's and smiles.

Our tree in this room (we have 5) is filled with Santa Clause
and polka dot balls.

Of course the balls didn't come that way.. But a girl just needs
more polka dots.......... so I painted them.

I even painted polka dots on the railing on the stairs.
It took Brad 3 days to notice, and he stared at it and said
"Did we want that?" I said well I think WE did. ha

Next is the piano in the hall. It's covered with little trees of all shapes
and colors...... and of course more pictures.

I put stuff everywhere. My friends are wondering
where I had all of his stuff stored.
It was all in an extra closet. But.... I must say,
I can pack like clowns in a circus car.

The guest bathroom is filled with the "White Christmas"

My new favorite thing is my little Frong PRINCE..

Our tree in the living room had to go up high this year.

Little Brady has made it his goal to try and reach the balls......