Friday, December 19, 2008

Together Again

I'm headed to Snyder today to see Lance,
my baby boy, and the pack.
I'm so excited he got to come home for Christmas
and has his buddies to help push him to get well.
He is doing so much better than
anyone first expected.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers.

As I get ready to travel today my mind always
has time to travel as well. It seems like driving
tends to send me either backward
or forward in time.
Today I'm choosing to head backward.
Back to a time where
I felt like I could protect my kids from any dangers
the world might throw their way.
Back when they sat in my lap and thought I
was going to grow up and be their girlfriend.
Oh how precious those memories are
when I look back and remember.
Time goes faster than any mother would want.
So take all the pictures people will let you,
and even some they won't. Because looking back,
those are the times you treasure.
Here are some more of my favorite images
of these wonderful, "growing up too fast" guys.

The memories must have been special to them too....
because they always remember the pose.

May we always take the time to
look back and remember.
Make a moment Last a Lifetime........


darla said...

hey staci, i love your blog! i love these photos as well! i am so happy that Lance is coming home. we will keep him in our prayers even now. i'm so glad i found you! i'll add you to my blogroll! see ya later, sista!

julie king said...

i'm just delighted by all these photos you took of these 4 boys. so glad lance is doing better!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I love seeing those photos all grouped together like that. I am so glad you were "that mom" with the camara. I am proud to say I am just one of the other moms,

luv ya bunches

Rachel said...

wow staci, your photos are spectacular, your new blog title is gorgeous - hope you are doing well, and im glad to hear that lance is coming home :)