Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Please Pray

As I write this message today by heart is choking me in my throat.
I feel like someone has punched me so hard that it has taken my breath away.
My son's dearest lifelong friend is still in the hospital.
They were jumped by several other guys at a party this weekend,
and Lance was hit so hard in the head that he was knocked unconscious.
He later had 2 seizures and they had to call 911.
After several days in ICU he was moved to a room.
He continues to not really open his eyes much,
and has incredibly painful headaches.
The trauma to his brain was a severe blow.
These boys have been best friends for as long as I can remember.
Since becoming blood brothers in the second grade
they have remained through the years as close as any true brothers can be.
They got the same scholarship to play college baseball
and again got to be together.
They are roommates at Midland and continue to spend everyday together.
I have often wondered how they will ever make it when life takes
them in different directions.
But I never dreamed it would be now.
To everyone who reads this BLOG
I am asking for your prayers for Lance.
I know head injuries can change from day to day,
and God can do what no doctor can.
"What is impossible with man is possible with God."
May we all have a buddy that grows up to be our "brother."


deb did it said...

Staci, I just lit a healing candle for him.Please tell me his name, so I can talk to my Angels about him. And prayerful thoughts for your son.

julie king said...

my heart goes out to both families, staci! hear our prayers and feel our love surrounding you all!

Jenny Wilson said...

I am keeping Lance and his family in my prayers. What has this world come to? I hope that Brent is doing okay. Please know that yall our in our thoughts.

Sher said...

Prayed just now. Real hard..Lance is bing watched and cared for I just know it.

Rachel said...

staci, my thoughts & prayers are with lance and his family, and with your family as well, im so sorry.