Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Favorite Cowboy

WELL, I don't know if he'll really grow up to be a cowboy:
but he sure does make a cute one.
Except for the fact that his head was too big
for his darn hat.
Some of my favorite people in all the
world wore a cowboy hat.
Not sure if it's the hat, or the
kind of man who is underneath it that I love so much.
Something about it just seems to stand for hard work,
honesty, and a man you can count on.
Grandad.... I wish you were here to see my sweet Brady.
I know you're looking down upon us.
Every time I see a straw hat flipped over upside down
I think of you.
You were the most wise, honest, genuine man I have ever know.
I miss you, and think of you all the time.
The lessons you taught me live in my heart always.

Little Brady's First Birthday has come and gone..
What an angel that precious child has been to our lives.
God never sprinkled so much personality
into one little fellow as he did
into my main man.
How quickly a year has gone by.
May every year of his life be as blessed & happy
as his first.


darla said...

This boy is adorable! thanks for the kinds words too, it means alot to hear it from someone as talented as yourself! Morgan is honored that you gave her a compliment! have a Merry Christmas!

julie king said...

brady is such a cutie and that hat sure does kick up the cuteness 100X!!