Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lance is Coming HOME

I've missed a lot of fabulous shots in my life while my camera was not
glued to my side...........
But one that I am so thankful that I DID NOT miss was with these boys.

I had to make them let me do the first shoot the day before they started Jr. High.
Then we took the exact same shots the day before they started their Senior year.
This time they wanted to do it.
All four of them remembered right where they were standing and whose arms
were where. Our only problem was that they had grown so much
they hung over the tracks on both sides.
God (& time) had added a little meat to the size of their shoulders.
Of all the hundreds of shots I've taken over the years this is still
one of the most priceless. I have a 24x24 hanging in my house.
I look at it everyday and remember how thankful I am that
God picked me to be Brent's mom. How wonderful it was to
be a part of those boys lives while they grew up.
And how amazingly thankful we all are that they will be
there to see a member of their pack come home today.
There are just some things that time can not alter,
and the friendship between those 4 is one of them.
How lucky I feel to have been a part of their lives....
To watch them play football, to see them ride off all dressed up in a limo
for prom, the many "spend the nights" that lasted all weekend,
the countless amounts of food they ate, and the State Championship
they all won together their Senior Year.
May time never erase the joy, the friendship or they moments they
have shared together.


deb did it said...

Praise God Lance is coming home! Blessings for continued recovery and strength. Staci, these photos are priceless!

Jenny Wilson said...

What a blessing these guys have! Love these pictures Staci!

Alberta and Ava said...

As the mother of my own two "boys" (ages 27 and 20), your photos and words moved me to tears. Thank you,


Strider said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment. Have a blessed Christmas. Strider