Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Over-achiever

I LOVE Christmas..... Every year I say that I'm not going to get all
of this stuff out to decorate for just one month.........
but every year I do.
I just can't help myself it seems.
But.... I did realize that every year around this time
I end up sick.
I finally went to the minor emergency clinic and told them
I had to be well
by Saturday for Little Brady's birthday party.
I got 2 shots and 3 bottles of medicine.
Those steriod shots are just the best.
The dr. was right. In about 2 hrs. it felt like someone
had taken the bowling ball off of my head and
given my old one back again.
So, now that my head feels like a head again
I thought I'd share a little of my Christmas Fun.

This is my Front Room and the dresser I had so much fun painting.
I filled this room full of whimsy and fun...
Brady has loved playing in here. He points to all the Santa's and smiles.

Our tree in this room (we have 5) is filled with Santa Clause
and polka dot balls.

Of course the balls didn't come that way.. But a girl just needs
more polka dots.......... so I painted them.

I even painted polka dots on the railing on the stairs.
It took Brad 3 days to notice, and he stared at it and said
"Did we want that?" I said well I think WE did. ha

Next is the piano in the hall. It's covered with little trees of all shapes
and colors...... and of course more pictures.

I put stuff everywhere. My friends are wondering
where I had all of his stuff stored.
It was all in an extra closet. But.... I must say,
I can pack like clowns in a circus car.

The guest bathroom is filled with the "White Christmas"

My new favorite thing is my little Frong PRINCE..

Our tree in the living room had to go up high this year.

Little Brady has made it his goal to try and reach the balls......


Sher said...

OK all precious and my favorite is the empty lime green and other frames with stars inside... LOVE THAT! I had to laugh about the polka dot stairs... I covered my dinning room chairs with monogram P's and it took several days for Chris to notice either. Not their thing. That's OK cuz they put up with us!
Miss ya sister...

julie king said...

i love seeing all your wonderful christmas decorations. such a war, whimsical and fun mix of goodies!!

Rachel said...

oh my gosh! I absolutely LOVE your style staci!! you have a gorgeous home, such beautiful holiday decor :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy from an old photographer friend!! How far you've come! ha ha.. you were always much farther ahead of the game than I was! How nice it was to see the pics of the little cowboy! I tried your website...somethings up with it! I would love to visit. I need to bring my camera to your area... I have a wedding to shoot for my cousin and it's just not giving me what I use to get with it. If you still have my number, give me a call. Maybe we can meet! Love to hug that little one! :)

Love ya girl, you have no idea how much you have inspired me and have guided me in the right directions. Yes you! "Not where I want to be, but Thank God I'm not where I use to be!" Love Joyce!! Thank you so much! Miss ya! Mitzie Johns