Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bloomin Blog

I just realized that I have been blogging now for over a year.
Mercy times goes by quickly !!
In the past year I have met some of the most
creative, inspiring, wonderful people.
My family teases me because I call them My Friends.
They remind me often that I do not even know 90% of them.
Somehow to me that doesn't seem to matter.
I feel like I know many of you out there
better than several of the people I actually
"do know" in person..
I've watched your children grow, as you have watched mine.
I have been inspired and motivated by wonderful artists.
I've bubbled over with kind words from gentle souls,
and have been truly touched by the love I see
in so many incredible, precious families.
With genuine sincerity I pray for the people
I interact with through this fabulous world of BLOg..
I have been so motivated by many of the stories I've read...
both the silly & the serious
They all have a place in my day.
And MOST OF ALL I have realized that I am not alone.
I'm not the only girl out there who has made more than
her share of mistakes, or thinks a little bit differently than the average gal,
loves her family more than life its self, and tries every day to
make the most of the second chances I've been given.
I feel like a giddy girl when I sit down at my computer
each day to visit with "my friends" !
I hope that as I open my heart with you....
I too bring a giggle to some one's face,
or an inspiration to your creative soul.
But my greatest wish of all is for people to see
That it is NEVER TOO LATE to start over.
Every day starts your second chance!
No matter how many mess ups you may have made
We have a GOD of New Beginnings...
One who believes in us when we often forget to believe in ourselves...
May your day be filled with Bliss and Blessings
and remember that Today is the first day
of the rest of your life!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Right Brained Girl in a Left Brained World

Ok my BLOg Friends..... MORE than once this week
I have realized that I am a RIGHT brained girl
living in a LEFT brained WORLD..
I sometimes forget how hard it is for people who think like me
to understand how the rest of the world operates.
I really do try....
but it mostly NEVER makes any sense to me....
It all feels like BIO-Physics !!!!
ANYway.... During class on Wednesday
(of which I hope I was not being graded)
we made pillows...
WELL HELLO.... I do that all the time, so I assumed
this would be a walk in the park for me.
WRONG !!!!
We had to do it with patterns and marking lines,
and measuring stuff exactly and
I've never been very good at that...
So.. to make a LONGGGGGGGG story short.
I messed up and had to rip my seams out 3 times.
2 of which my instructor assured me was the machines fault.
Here she is laughing as she tried ONE MORE time to show me
why MEASURING was important.. haha
We even had a new guy show up to class (AN HOUR LATE)
who also didn't even come to the first class,
AND... he even finished his Pillow before I did..
NOW Seriously.... what is wrong with my brain..
Something about what she was saying
was not anything I wanted to hear I guess,
therefore I think it kept traveling in....
and then right straight out...
Then... today I had a job interview..
It was a part time job...
so I figured why not/ I could do most anything for 20 hours...
The 2 women who own the business were just darling.

I would have loved to come in 20 hours a week to VISIT...
but as they were describing to me what the job required
I know my face was curling up like a sour pickle..

I finally said...
" I would love to be here 20 hours with you guys...
but the truth is I would HATE this job, and
you 2 would HATE me in a couple of weeks."
I can not believe those words actually came out..
but they did..
I must say they both did LAUGH...
and said thank you for being honest.
I knew it was just WAY too many details and paperwork
for me to do with any JOY at all.
When I left their office
they were hugging me goodbye
and I said I'd stop by sometime for LUNCH..
May we never forget to be TRUE to ourselves...
Some days peace of mind is the best treasure we've got.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the GOOD the BAD & the UGLY

I'm not sure if it is possible to have a YUCK day,
and a Wonderful day all in the same day....
BUT I think I have just had my FIRST one !!!
More than once yesterday I wanted to say @##$%^^&@@
and had to bite my tongue to keep it in..
THEN I had my first night of Upholstery Class and
got so excited I almost wet my pants...

The only problem with my class is that a sewing machine is the first requirement
and.... up until about 28 minutes before class I had one..
I was hemming my dad some curtains and WHAM it just stopped
with the needle stuck right in the fabric... STUCK and frozen..
NOTHING at all would move.
Brad took it apart and (he can fix most anything)
He said... NO WAY could he fix this motor..

Then he said.. "by the way"...
The dryer isn't working either... but I think I can fix it..
Until it's fixed however, we have to tumble our clothes with NO heat.
So it takes about 3 hours per load.
Now I'm sure we all have that much time to spare..
Then... if that wasn't enough the Water Pump on my car went out.
All I could say was... "Can you fix that?"
I'm not sure if it is just me...
But why is it when you are the most broke
you seem to have the most trouble ?
So... I decided I would try my best not to let the DAY get me down...
I'd take a nice long bubble bath, relax and calm down.
But.. in the last 2 years I can't seem to sneak off to the bath without
a "little fellow" wanting to get in and "SWIM with you MOMMA"
Of course he was in before I could try to explain that
mom wanted to swim by herself...
I figured...OK I'll just let him play & I'll still sit here & relax.
Before I even had a chance to close my eyes and build a relaxing thought
I heard the bubbles blowing in my water..
Then... the giggles saying "I tooted!"

Yes.. I said.. I heard that...
I then became a human shelf for all the plastic bugs, fish, blocks, ducks,
and other assortment of bath toys that have now taken over my ledge
that once held candles and sweet smelling bubble bath.
As my leg balanced the 20 or more bugs I felt an intense water pressure
pushing against my "non shelf" leg...
Then again with the giggles...
and a tiny voice that said " I peed"
Yes.... I know.. I said
I couldn't help but laugh as "my swim" quickly came to an end..
Some days you just gotta figure God knows best and try to smile.
May we never forget that "this too shall pass"
Some times you've just gotta giggle and go with it !!
NEVER take a Relaxing Bath ALONE for granted !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mad as a Monster !

Ok... The game is over and I am just sick sick sick...
I like the Saints and I'm glad for them...
but MAN I wanted Favre to get another chance...
He played his butt off but that one stupid mistake will be what people talk about.
Very thankful when I changed the channel I was done......
He'll relive that one many times I'm sure !!
I was stressing so much during that game that
I was eating triple chocolate chip icing right out of the can...
That might cost me tomorrow.. haha
Anyway.... Other than spending several hours of my day watching that game
Brady and I have been making us a MONSTER stuffie...
I saw the idea while I was BLOg hopping
and thought we'd give it a try.
We draw lots of monsters sitting at our coloring table
so we used one we'd drawn as our inspiration. ha
All I can say is...
they are harder than they look. hee hee
But... Brady likes him... so it somehow always makes it worth the trouble.
May we always have an extra can
of Triple Chocolate Icing on stand by...
just in case we feel like a Mad Monster....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Results of the RED lipstick

Ok.. I completely have to laugh at how the RED lipstick
has had an effect on things around here the last 2 days.
I can tell you that the results
may not have all been positive...
But they were results NONE the Less !
I had a quick photo shoot today with a sweet little girl,
so... when I was all finished I took a couple of pictures of
myself to show you the RED lipstick in person.. haha
Yesterday... I kept noticing that Brady was staring at me..
He'd say "I love you momma" over and over.
He says that quite often anyway... but he was adding to it ....
"I need a kiss momma...I need a kiss"
It didn't dawn on me until I saw his little face covered
with RED smooches as to why he was staring and asking for kisses..
Then later I noticed Brad looking at me in an odd sort of way..
He finally asked me "Why you gettin your face all dressed up?"
I nearly laughed my liver out of place trying to hold in my giggles...
Then last night was our Church Life Group
(we have the meetings at my house)....
I was running behind and didn't even get to change clothes before they got here.
So... I had on my uniform (warm-ups)
with my Red lipstick...
Brook walked in and asked me
"Why didn't you just change clothes if you were tryin to impress someone?"
I couldn't help but bust out on that one..
I said I was making a point to wear Red lipstick all week
since I'd read about someone else doing it on their blog.
I wanted to see if it made a difference..
She just looked at me and said..." Weird.. but whatever works!"
So.. as my week continues...
I thought I'd share a few of my RED giggles
as well as.... sharing with you the untold Power
that a little tube of lipstick holds.. haha
I also found the blog where I originally saw the idea behind
the RED lipstick... and will share it too in case you have time to hope over.
May we always be willing to give something absolutely fun and silly a try...
It might not always turn out fabulous... but it's worth a moment of your life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pull out the RED lipstick

WELL.. Scarlett was right..
Today was a whole new day and a whole new attitude.
I woke up this morning with a million ideas and
a restored sense of faith that God knows my heart
and if something out there has my name on it...
then he'll send it my way.
Until then... I decided I'd put on some RED lipstick
and start my day with a BANG..
I can't remember which blog I read it on...
( I blog hop during my free time.. It is so much FUN!!)
but they said they were going to wear RED lipstick for an entire week
and see how it changed their mood..
Well I can tell you it just perked mine up GOOD..
Brady and I finished up his monkey pillows (all but the stuffing).
Then.. we went on a date to the donut shop
for our favorite donut holes with sprinkles..
We sat inside at the cute little tables, watching all the people going by..
AND... all mind you in my warm ups....
BUT with RED lipstick...
Tomorrow I'm going to work on Brady's bedspread, finish the rest of
the pillows, and maybe start on his new Monkey Tree...
But... I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it
in RED lipstick...

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful suggestions..
I fully plan on putting a few of them right to work.
May we never under estimate the power of RED lipstick...
Next time you're having a bad day...
Give it a try !!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pity Party.... Table for One

Normally I am an over the top Happy
(could really use some medicine) Person...
But for some reason today I have held myself a complete
and total... ALL DAY - Pity Party...
I hope I am not the only, mostly happy, person out there
who has a bad day every once in a while....
but just in case...
please forgive me and I'll pack up my party for tomorrow.
(This was mine and Brady's art project for today)
Having 2 kids in college is some days...
just a financial KILLER...
They are both precious, and we love them dearly,
and I know they are doing their part to become financially independent
(so that one day I won't have this worry...)
But... today I decided I really need to get
some type of part time job..
I spent all day looking through the paper, on Craig's List,
and every Internet job search I could find....
There is just nothing much out there period.
But I surely couldn't find a single thing that
even came close to using any of the skills I have packed in my suitcase.
I debated on whether or not to take just any random thing...
Then I heard all the speeches I have given my kids about
how God has packed each of them with a special set of talents
and it is their responsibility to unpack and use them for his good.
So.. would I be unteaching everything I'd tried so hard to teach? ...
Would it matter to them at all?
Was I just having a bad day, and should just relax?
Is there even any part time job out there for a 43 year old
girl with a Bachelors of Education, All Level Art Certification
who loves to make things
and fill the world with Polka Dots ?.....
ANY suggestions ? .......
The more I tried to think the more frustrated I got...
AND... my day just continued to fizzle down hill...
So I am headed to bed hoping that
Scarlett O'Hara was right...
"After all tomorrow is another day!"
May we always be reminded...
that without a few bad days here and there
we wouldn't appreciate the good ones.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monkey Pillows

As I have mention before....
I am TOTALLY addicted to Pillows !!
I think they are just the best cheap fun in all the world.
And in my opinion (which counts to NO one but me) haha...
I think they are the quickest way to change up a room that there is !
I am finished with our part of the bedroom...
BUT.. since we share it with Brady
All the bedrooms in our house are upstairs except the Master..
And I am old and knew I wouldn't want to be climbing stairs when
he was a baby.. Nor have to worry about him trying to go up and down.
so.... he shares our room with us...
I now am working on his corner...
He is TOTALLY nuts about monkeys....
so I decided I would make him some monkey pillows that
would tie into the colors of our bedroom.
That way we'd all feel like we belonged. haha
I have lots of Goodwill sweaters that I have kept on standby
for just the right project... AND a fuzzy monkey is the
perfect place to put them to good use.
I cut out shapes to make the monkeys
using lots of different left over scraps.
Brady thought I was building him a giant monkey puzzle.
I must say he was very disappointed when I got
all the pieces sewn on and he thought he could no longer play.
We made several different ones using our "stand by" sweaters.
Somehow though every time I'd get one all laid out and ready..
They would end up like this !!!
Now that is a good time neither of us was expecting..
Discovery #6
Never underestimate the power of free fun !!
(No toys required)
I don't really know if he had more fun taking them apart,
or putting them back together..
Either way... He now has a new bag full of monkey parts
to make puzzles with any time he wants..
I'm still working on the pillows,
and have started him a bedspread made out of 2 different throws
sewn together. They too I'm sure will be filled with big monkeys...
May we never forget "It is not how many things we give our
children... but how much of ourselves that we give that matters."

Friday, January 15, 2010

The REAL Staci Danford

Will the real Staci Danford
PLEASE Stand UP !!!!

Ok... I have got to tell you the most wonderful...
YET absolutely TRUE story ever!!!!
I got a phone call last week from the most precious new person I know..
Her name was Stacey Danford...
YES.. I promise it is true !!
She has been following me on my Blog for a while now,
and bless her heart gathered up the courage to give me a call.
She is married to my husband's 2nd cousin..
Now isn't that a small world.
Anyway.. We've texted (if that is a word) and emailed back and forth
AND... yesterday we meet for LUNCH..
I am so incredibly excited, not only to have met a wonderful new friend,....
But how much fun is it to have one with exactly the same name..
WE talked as fast as we could for 2 straight hours.
She is such a darling person. Full of energy and Genuine LOVE for her family.
I laughed and smiled, and felt the most wonderful sense
of WOW as I left there yesterday.
We have made a dear vow to get together more.
I'm NOT sure if the world is big enough for 2 of us...
YET.. I'm so bubbled over to give it a try!!
I am just thrilled too death that my 2010 has started off with such a
fabulous DISCOVERY (#5) .... A NEW FRIEND..
One in which I am so grateful took the time to give me a call.
May we all be filled with the courage to reach out and give something NEW
a chance.... You never know where life's path my lead...
Might just introduce you to yourself !

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Discovery #2, 3, and 4

Ok... My friends in BLOg world..
I am going to stand up and say "I need a 12 step program."
My name is Staci Danford and I am addicted to Pillows..
I knew that I was always listening to my family complain about
how they can't sit down on any surface in our house because they are all
But last night (while I was making this one) and I got that
"over the moon " in love, giggly feeling....
I just can't get enough !!!
I LOVE making them, looking at them, seeing them in stores,
and some days... yes it's true.. I even daydream about pillows..
I imagine what different colors would look like together,
and how they could so quickly change the color scheme in my house.
So... last night I gathered up the rest of the fabric that I recovered
my chairs in the front room with, & mixed in an incredible Goodwill red dress,
& an old polka dotted shower curtain....
AND wham... NEW Pillows
at the Danford House. !!!
I really haven't even decided where I'm going to put them yet..
BUT.. they sure helped me in MY DISCOVERY..
I don't even care if they are going to stay at my house....
and I really really like making them...
OK... on to DISCOVERY #3
Covered Buttons....
I have always wondered about them.
They change the look of something so incredibly much.
For some reason I have always thought they were very hard to do.
BUT... on my path of trying new things...
I thought I'd give them a try in 2010.
I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the little kit.
It was less than 3 dollars.
Ok.. let me just tell you..
From the opening of the package to the finished button
it MAYBE took 1 full minute.
It took me longer to read the directions.
AND THEY.. are so simple.
Just cut the pattern on the back of the wrapper.
put it in the little holder it comes with
WOW.. How easy and how great to discover..
Gonna be making lots of those this year I'm sure.

Fabric Lamp Shades
Ok.. Now these are a total other story..
I just LOVE the look of them, and have done a few really quickie ones in the past.
BUT... this one was NOT the easy project I envisioned in my head.
MUCH more to it that I thought.
BUT.. here is what I LEARNED...
First.. Lay out your fabric.
It takes much more than I first thought.
Second.. start at a seam if there is one so you'll know where you started.
Use a marker and as you roll the lamp shade mark it until you get to the end.
Do the same process with both the top and the bottom.
Next.. Cut about a 1/4 inch under your lines.
(just in case).. I always need my just in case material.
OH... I knew I was going to put trim on my shade,
so my marker lines wouldn't show.
If you aren't using trim then use the underside of your fabric.
Then put your fabric on the seam,
and just push a straight pin into it to hold it in place.
I used spray adhesive, but you can use a glue gun as well.
I sprayed a small section at a time so I could keep it pulled super tight.
The tighter you have it the better.
Found that out the hard way. haha
I used a tiny dab of hot glue to hold the last seam in place.
I just put a drop at the top and the bottom.
Sometimes the glue gun lines show through when you turn the light on
so I like the spray adhesive best.
Next... I did the same thing with the first of my trim.
This time I used fabric glue instead of spray.
Always pull tight as you go and pin the very first to hold it in place
or the glue will slip when you pull it.
I followed the very same procedure for the finishing trim as well.
Pin, and pull tightly.
This time however I used the glue gun since the trim had beads
and it was a little heavy for fabric glue I thought.
Lastly I added trim to the top with fabric glue.
Pin and PULL... and I was finished..
It was way harder than I wanted it to be...
But... my 1 dollar shade, and 3 dollar Goodwill lamp
turned out perfect for my Bedroom makeover.
I'm still not quite finished in here...
But here is a little peak!
This is one of my favorite NEW things..
I have always loved little WHITE stuff..
I grab it up anywhere I find it.
So... I created me my version of a Sid Dickens wall..
I rubbed some green paint on this old clock that was in the garage..
And put it with one of my Granny's old clocks, an old old
mirror I bought at a Flea Market and my little angel and another wall is done.
I love love love KIM Parker..
I look at this book several times a year.
And I have read her life story many times..
She is just wonderful in my world..
Her florals are just FABULOUS..
I had another empty canvas so I painted one more to go in my bedroom.
I used my same process I described earlier and Now
I have my version of a Kim Parker/ Staci Danford creation..
Here are the 2 of them together on the fireplace mantel in my Bedroom.
It's not a real fireplace.. but I love having it in my room!!
I am so close to being finished in here..
And I must say....SO READY !!
Got lots more Redoing to DO in 2010....
May your new year be filled with DISCOVERIES galore.
It's amazing what we can find inside our selves when we slow down and look !