Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bleeding Paint

I now know why all the people on tv makeover shows have TEAMS
of people working with them behind the scenes..
CAUSE... you can't get it all done that fast without them !!
I am so tired.. But determined to get this finished by the weekend..
Or I'm hoping so anyway..
The last 3 nights I have gone to bed well after 2 am
so tired that I couldn't even bring myself to shower..
YES I know that is horribly YUCK....
but I'm just being real here!!
I've worn the same painting overalls and ponytail for days now.
Today when Brook came home for LUNCH she informed me
"Mom... You're looking a little rough! "
So... I calmed my mission for today and decided to take a LOOOOONG shower.
It is just amazing how much better being clean feels. haha
So while I was on a break I thought I'd post some of my progress.
Here are my candle sticks in their first life..
I began the process with several coats of colors.
You really can not screw this up.
My precious friend and I call this method "blobbing"
Now doesn't that sound official. hee hee
As you can tell from the picture I use MANY colors of paint.
The secret (which I am horrible at) is waiting for it to dry between layers.
Just paint your base color on first.
Then use a dry brush with almost NO paint on it and
swipe your next color on.
Continue this process with blending colors until you get it the color you like.
Then last I go over VERY LIGHTLY with a dry brushing of Brown.
I really don't think you can do it wrong..
That's just the way I've always done it.
Anyway... I got the colors I wanted and the old feel I wanted...
And the top of my piano is DONE !
Next I recovered the chairs around mine and Brady's coloring table.
Cutting Corners is literally right around the corner from my house.
I went yesterday and found the perfect floral fabric
and did a quick redo job on my chairs.
I wish all recovering jobs were just a remove seat and staple. ha
Now I am finally moving to the living room.
I moved my very favorite print I bought at a flea market
from my bedroom into the living room.
I adore the colors in the print, and it always makes me smile
I thought I'd see it more in this room so she now lives in here.
I moved the chase lounge from the front room into the living room too.
The kids love sitting on it, and I like the leopard print with the curtains
(even though I know they have nothing in common.)
On the table beside the chase is one of Brady's favorite things.
It is an old old type writer.
I bought it about 15 years ago somewhere.
It used to be on a table in the hall.
He always climbed up on a chair to play with it.
So now it is down low, and at his disposal at all times.
And I can tell you it has been well used the last few days.
Here is a better view of Brady's favorite thing. haha
He really does play with it more than 90% of his toys.
Now that is a child after his mother's heart !
And finally the piano..
I can not tell you the torture my brain has gone through over this!!
For about 3 hours it looked like a bleeding piece of furniture.
Brook said "You've screw up this time mom!"
I told her all Art is a process. haha
All the while thinking to myself "Yes I did screw this up!"
But... after much shadowing, and layers of petals I got it where I wanted it.
Picasso might not be impressed.. haha
But then again he doesn't come over!!
I like it, and it is for sure a one of a kind piano.
Little Brady thinks it's the greatest thing in the world...
And that alone just makes me SMILE.
So... My front room is now complete.
I've got to make a few pillows...
But other than that
It's a WRAP !!
I am taking a day off to color ...
But will be back to my redo project tomorrow.
As the saga continues my garage is beginning to bulge
(with things I didn't even really like to begin with)....
I challenge everyone out there in BLOg world
to go through 1 room and take out everything that you don't
absolutely LOVE or NEED..
You'll be truly amazed at what is left..
And somehow when that is all that remains it fills your soul with YUM !
Bliss and Blessings to you all..
May we learn to let go of the so so and grab tightly to that in which we LOVE !


Anonymous said...

Wasn't quite sure what the piano would look like but I LOVE it!! Can't wait to see it all in person. Glad you are taking a rest, you deserve it.

lori vliegen said...

your front room is AWESOME, staci!!! i can't believe how much you've accomplished already!! i love how you have little "collections" displayed......your candlestick holders (fab!!) and letters on the wall, they're all so homey!!! and i can see why your piano makes brady's a true masterpiece! great job! glad you're taking a well deserved break....and maybe another shower! hee hee hugs, :))

Becky said...

Yummy to everything that you have done! I can relate to the "2:00" late nights,,,,,I stay up working on the blog, since it's new to me, I'm addicted! I want to revamp my house! But I did just redo the dining room/playroom so I'm good for a few weeks! Yes, I love paint too!!! Sometimes, it would be interesting to scratch some pieces of furniture...........and remember the day...............
You are amazing! Rest girl and color!

Darla said...

oh i love it! you had me cracking up throughout that though. especially when you said that picasso wasn't coming over...LOL, i bet he would like it actually. He would probably be proud that someone was stepping outside of the box for once! i am so happy to know there is another person out there that stays up till 2 am and doesnt shower when she has an life exactly. theres much more important things to do obviously! ha! ...keep inspiring us all, but for now get some sleep.

presious said...


I love your courage! You are so vintage :) So cool! That piano is awesome! Love the staircase too!

I can feel your energy in those pictures. Good for you!

deb did it said...

That piano is a could play all by itself....YOU ARE HAVING WAY TOO MUCH FUN make such a Happy Home!! I love it all.....

Jeanne Lobsinger said...

Hi there fellow Cowtowner! Found your blog through Sara's Art House when she featured your piano. It is beautiful! I saw a red painted upright in my Country Living magazine a few months back but have not had good luck finding anyone who has painted their own. I have my grandmother's 100 year old piano and would love to paint it but just a little nervous. Any tips? Love your blog!!