Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Discovery #2, 3, and 4

Ok... My friends in BLOg world..
I am going to stand up and say "I need a 12 step program."
My name is Staci Danford and I am addicted to Pillows..
I knew that I was always listening to my family complain about
how they can't sit down on any surface in our house because they are all
But last night (while I was making this one) and I got that
"over the moon " in love, giggly feeling....
I just can't get enough !!!
I LOVE making them, looking at them, seeing them in stores,
and some days... yes it's true.. I even daydream about pillows..
I imagine what different colors would look like together,
and how they could so quickly change the color scheme in my house.
So... last night I gathered up the rest of the fabric that I recovered
my chairs in the front room with, & mixed in an incredible Goodwill red dress,
& an old polka dotted shower curtain....
AND wham... NEW Pillows
at the Danford House. !!!
I really haven't even decided where I'm going to put them yet..
BUT.. they sure helped me in MY DISCOVERY..
I don't even care if they are going to stay at my house....
and I really really like making them...
OK... on to DISCOVERY #3
Covered Buttons....
I have always wondered about them.
They change the look of something so incredibly much.
For some reason I have always thought they were very hard to do.
BUT... on my path of trying new things...
I thought I'd give them a try in 2010.
I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the little kit.
It was less than 3 dollars.
Ok.. let me just tell you..
From the opening of the package to the finished button
it MAYBE took 1 full minute.
It took me longer to read the directions.
AND THEY.. are so simple.
Just cut the pattern on the back of the wrapper.
put it in the little holder it comes with
WOW.. How easy and how great to discover..
Gonna be making lots of those this year I'm sure.

Fabric Lamp Shades
Ok.. Now these are a total other story..
I just LOVE the look of them, and have done a few really quickie ones in the past.
BUT... this one was NOT the easy project I envisioned in my head.
MUCH more to it that I thought.
BUT.. here is what I LEARNED...
First.. Lay out your fabric.
It takes much more than I first thought.
Second.. start at a seam if there is one so you'll know where you started.
Use a marker and as you roll the lamp shade mark it until you get to the end.
Do the same process with both the top and the bottom.
Next.. Cut about a 1/4 inch under your lines.
(just in case).. I always need my just in case material.
OH... I knew I was going to put trim on my shade,
so my marker lines wouldn't show.
If you aren't using trim then use the underside of your fabric.
Then put your fabric on the seam,
and just push a straight pin into it to hold it in place.
I used spray adhesive, but you can use a glue gun as well.
I sprayed a small section at a time so I could keep it pulled super tight.
The tighter you have it the better.
Found that out the hard way. haha
I used a tiny dab of hot glue to hold the last seam in place.
I just put a drop at the top and the bottom.
Sometimes the glue gun lines show through when you turn the light on
so I like the spray adhesive best.
Next... I did the same thing with the first of my trim.
This time I used fabric glue instead of spray.
Always pull tight as you go and pin the very first to hold it in place
or the glue will slip when you pull it.
I followed the very same procedure for the finishing trim as well.
Pin, and pull tightly.
This time however I used the glue gun since the trim had beads
and it was a little heavy for fabric glue I thought.
Lastly I added trim to the top with fabric glue.
Pin and PULL... and I was finished..
It was way harder than I wanted it to be...
But... my 1 dollar shade, and 3 dollar Goodwill lamp
turned out perfect for my Bedroom makeover.
I'm still not quite finished in here...
But here is a little peak!
This is one of my favorite NEW things..
I have always loved little WHITE stuff..
I grab it up anywhere I find it.
So... I created me my version of a Sid Dickens wall..
I rubbed some green paint on this old clock that was in the garage..
And put it with one of my Granny's old clocks, an old old
mirror I bought at a Flea Market and my little angel and another wall is done.
I love love love KIM Parker..
I look at this book several times a year.
And I have read her life story many times..
She is just wonderful in my world..
Her florals are just FABULOUS..
I had another empty canvas so I painted one more to go in my bedroom.
I used my same process I described earlier and Now
I have my version of a Kim Parker/ Staci Danford creation..
Here are the 2 of them together on the fireplace mantel in my Bedroom.
It's not a real fireplace.. but I love having it in my room!!
I am so close to being finished in here..
And I must say....SO READY !!
Got lots more Redoing to DO in 2010....
May your new year be filled with DISCOVERIES galore.
It's amazing what we can find inside our selves when we slow down and look !


Anonymous said...

Love what you are doing girl. Wish I had that energy. Ha. It really does look so good.
Love ya,

Darla said...

everytime i see an update i have to wonder what the heck you have been up to now? ha! great pillow and lamp shade! much creative stuff going on there! whew! send me some of your energy!

Anonymous said...

I can help you find a home for those pillows!! They would look great in my living room!! My favorite is your piano! That is the COOLEST piano I have EVER seen! Can't wait to see your house in person!

Stacey Danford

Debbie said...

Love, love, love it! I was just thinking this week that I needed to make some new pillows. And aren't buttons the easiest things ever?

lori vliegen said...

you are too funny with your 12-step-pillow-program!! but, hey, i'm loving pillows, too.....especially YOURS!!! wow! i love the way you pair up those make it look so easy! and great job on that lampshade!! and your collaborative effort/kim parker art is fantastic (would you believe that i have a kim parker poster hanging in my laundry room? i LOVE it!!). :))

sara's art house said...

Love the lamp and the covered buttons!!!! Who knew they were so easy??? I am going to buy me a kit today! :)